Biamp Launches New Range of Audiovisual Conferencing Products

Published: 2021-11-08

Biamp  announced the launch of several audiovisual conferencing products that include the Parlé audio and video conferencing bars, the Impera family of control systems, and the Apprimo Touch 8i.

Addressing the latest expansion of the Biamp products, Joe Andrulis, executive vice president of corporate development at Biamp, says, “The explosion of unified communications deployments across businesses of all sizes has made it essential that all conference rooms are outfitted with high-quality audiovisual technology to ensure the best experience for users— and IT departments are seeking complete meeting room solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use.”

Parlé Audio and Video Conferencing Bars

According to the company, the Parlé audio and video conferencing bars is a line of professional-grade audiovisual conferencing solutions for small to medium-sized rooms. Leveraging Biamp’s other audiovisual solutions, Parlé conferencing bars combine Beamtracking microphones, smart loudspeakers, advanced signal processing, an optional 4K camera with auto-framing, and Biamp Launch, the company’s automated deployment and tuning technology, into one plug-and-play speaker bar that delivers a premium conferencing experience.

“Parlé conferencing bars are groundbreaking in that they incorporate all of Biamp’s latest innovations in audiovisual technology, ensuring the best possible meeting experience for all participants, as well as an incredibly simple set up process that’s as easy as plugging in one cable and pressing the Launch button. The result is a sleek, all-in-one conferencing bar, offering professional-grade performance unmatched in the market,” says Andrulis.

Biamp Parle bar

Biamp adds Parlé Conferencing Bar. Image courtesy of Biamp.

According to Biamp, the family of Parlé conferencing bars includes the ABC 2500 Audio Bar, which features Biamp Audio Intelligence to create a premium audio experience: a 27-element microphone array to create three Beamtracking zones that can actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room; echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms to provide clarity and quality; and smart speaker technology that actively adjusts speaker performance to deliver large room audio from a small room device. Using Biamp Launch, each of these features is automatically tuned to meet the acoustic needs of each meeting room to create an optimal audio experience.

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The VBC 2500 Video Bar adds a 4K ePTZ camera featuring Biamp Video Intelligence to deliver auto-framing and auto-focus, which keeps meeting attendees in view, even as they move around the conference room space. For added security, an automatic privacy shutter covers the camera when not in use. According to Biamp, the installation of a Parlé conferencing bar is as simple as plugging one USB cable directly into a UC system for a UC room, or into a Devio SCR-10 for a BYOD room, and pressing the Launch button. This initiates professional-grade deployment and tuning, making it easy for use and deployment.

“Biamp remains steadfast in our commitment to making professional-grade AV accessible to more people and more room types,” adds Andrulis. “Parlé conferencing bars utilize the technology that our integrators are already familiar with and users love, creating an easy-to-install, cost-effective, single vendor solution for smaller rooms with performance that matches Biamp’s large room solutions. The ease of installation, setup, and maintenance makes Parlé conferencing bars an ideal solution that delivers a premium audiovisual experience for everyone involved.”

The Impera Family of Control Systems

Biamp also introduced the Impera family of control systems, resulting from the integration of Biamp’s existing control products with the Neets portfolio following the company’s acquisition in July 2021.

According to the company, the Impera control systems, featuring simple configuration-based set up and clear user interfaces for controlling both Biamp and third-party devices, are an ideal complement to all Biamp installations.

“The Impera family of control solutions is an important and significant expansion of Biamp’s control capabilities that we are thrilled to be presenting to our integrators and end users,” says Andrulis. “Our goal is to provide customers the freedom to choose their favorite audiovisual components to use alongside their Biamp systems and, with the introduction of Impera control systems, operate them all through a comprehensive, integrated control interface. Impera control systems include a suite of keypads with integrated controllers and standalone controllers that offer the easy to use, high-performance Pro AV control technology that Neets was famous for. Impera controllers can also be used in conjunction with Biamp’s newly introduced Apprimo family of touch interfaces to support the need for more sophisticated touch panel rendered control interfaces.”

According to Biamp, the Impera family of control systems comprises a mature portfolio of solutions field tested in hundreds of thousands of installations. The Impera family includes independent controllers, a broad line of control pads (keypads with integrated controllers), and controllable relays. Moreover, the Impera control systems are easily configured with Biamp’s Project Designer, an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop program that lets integrators design a room control system and user interface in just minutes and includes built-in support for most popular third-party devices.

The Apprimo Touch 8i

Mock display of the Apprimo 8i

Biamp launches Apprimo Touch 8i as part of Apprimo line. Image courtesy of Biamp.

Biamp also announced the Apprimo Touch 8i, an 8″ touch control panel. Joining the new line of Apprimo touch interfaces, the new Apprimo touch panel combines the ease of use and flexibility of a touch panel with an integrated controller from Biamp’s concurrently announced line of Impera control systems, providing streamlined installation and exceptional room control.

According to Biamp, the Apprimo line offers enhanced flexibility in room control and a variety of options in UI design, making it easy to configure, operate, and manage AV equipment in a wide array of spaces, including performance venues, lecture theaters, conference rooms, classrooms, courts, and more.

“With any new product, our goal is always to make it easy to spec, easy to configure, easy to install, and easy to use,” says Andrulis. “The Apprimo Touch 8i delivers on this goal by combining the flexibility and attractiveness of a touch panel with the power of an integrated controller that excels at simplifying the complex — eliminating the need for external processors, thereby reducing installation time and complexity. The Apprimo Touch 8i is an extraordinary control solution for both customers and integrators,” said Andrulis in a statement.

Reducing hardware and installation time, the Apprimo Touch 8i also features a powerful processor that controls up to 20 IP-based devices. Biamp revealed that it is configured with Biamp’s Project Designer while its sleek, modern design and single cable installation will allow users to easily mount flat on a wall, angled on a wall, or on a table, and also complement the room décor.

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