What Markets Benefit Most from DVLED?

Published: April 8, 2021

Brian McClimans, Peerless-AV joins us for another edition of CI 3 Questions to discuss popular markets for DVLED and where the technology is best-used.

CI: What are the markets and applications that make the most sense for direct view LED?

Brian McClimans: When we first started getting involved in doing direct LED, we thought that the biggest market was going to be to replace large format projectors in corporate boardrooms.

As we know, for the past year, nobody’s been in corporate boardrooms. And yet, our business went up over 200% last year, and we’re predicting it to go over 400% this year.

That’s happened during a down economy. The reason that we’re seeing growth is we’re seeing areas like casinos, sports books, areas like house of worship, as well as the airports heavy adopters of direct use LED, as well as auto dealerships.

So anywhere that there might be somebody walking in, and you want to give them an experience with video. This is where we’re seeing a lot of applications and they’re going out. We’re involved in I think three installs just today, right now doing direct led across the country and in in Canada.

The closeness to the wall, the scale up and scope of the wall that you can do most LCD video walls, were just a flat 16 by nine. Maybe you saw somebody turn a display on its side and do a video wall that was taller than it was wide. With DVLED, not only can you do very odd resolution shapes, you can do ribbons, you can do stairstep, you can do curved, concave, convex, you can hang from the ceiling, there’s just a lot more that you can do to as we call paint the wall with direct view LED.

To learn more, watch the full video above.

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