GPO Display on its Broad Offerings, Leveraging New Opportunities

Published: 2023-04-05

In this exclusive interview, Sean Driscoll, vice president of sales with GPO Display, chats with Dan Ferrisi, editor-in-chief of Commercial Integrator. Together, they discuss the dazzling world of large-format displays. The company was, for a long time, “behind the curtain” as an OEM, providing back-end electronics to other companies. GPO’s decision to take ownership over the entire manufacturing and assembly process proved successful. Indeed, it empowered the company to gain a greater degree of control and heighten quality assurance. For a little more than a decade, the company has been delivering its own branded product.

In this interview, the duo discusses GPO Display’s compelling value proposition and its take on current trends. To watch the entire seven-minute conversation, check out the embedded video below.

During the interview, Driscoll and Ferrisi touch on all the following:

  • Pandemic-era display opportunities in vertical markets like federal government and mission-critical
  • The post-pandemic shift to large-format displays built to impress in common areas and customer-experience centers
  • Emerging opportunities with transparent OLED displays, including tiling them together to create videowalls
  • How GPO Display distinguishes itself by offering a very broad range of display solutions across technology categories
  • GPO Display’s distinctive ability to produce customized or specialized products to meet individual project needs

So, check out the entire interview, embedded above. It is, of course, a great way to learn about GPO Display’s extensive range of solutions across LCD and OLED technology categories.

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