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Alan C. Brawn

Alan C. Brawn CTS, ISF, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE. DCME, is the principal of Brawn Consulting.

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Developing talent and professional training for personal growth tiny person concept, transparent background.

Why People Join (and Stay with) a Company

For integration businesses to thrive over the long term, they must understand what attracts top talent…and what makes them stay.

Volunteers sorting out donated clothes in community charity donation center, coronavirus concept.

Volunteering is a Win-Win Situation

If you ask a volunteer, they’ll tell you they get back so much more than they could ever provide.

woman looking a budget on conference room table, teach research, team planning

The Need for Research

Some key insights about the importance of research and how to embrace the concepts of target customers, target marketing and target sales.

Alan's Latest Posts

motivated colleagues

Understanding Employee Value

Assessing the employment landscape, short-tenured workers and how to measure real value.

Business people negotiating a contract between two colleagues

The Need for Change in Our Approach to Sales

AV pros must battle back against commoditization and the appearance of parity. Here’s how.

warehouse worker examining AV equipment affected by the supply chain.

The Supply Chain Explained and Demystified, Part 2

Exploring the many facets of supply-chain snarls and suggesting proactive steps for AV integrators.

supply chain issues

The Supply Chain Explained and Demystified, Part 1

A primer on what ‘supply chain’ actually means, how we’ve become vulnerable and how we can do better moving forward.

value proposition

The Necessity of a Value Proposition

How to craft a concise value proposition statement for potential clients that explains why they should do business with your company.

The Cost of Employee Turnover

The costs of losing employees are understood in the abstract, but our hope is to educate about the real costs and possibly ways to avoid them.

buyers, marketing and sales

The New Roles of Buyers, Marketing and Sales

It’s time to shift several paradigms. Let’s begin with looking at how people buy today versus the recent past from a marketing and sales perspective.

understanding experience, change, and perception

Exploring Change and Understanding the Experience

In our industry, we must understand experience and change the way we present solutions, because our customers have themselves changed.

What the AV and IT Convergence Misses

The AV and IT convergence is often misapplied. Brawn takes a closer look at the differences between AV, IT and digital signage.

woman overwhelmed with work tasks

Fear for Our Jobs and Working from Home

Tips for addressing work from home fears; what will happen to our jobs and how will this affect our livelihood?