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Alan C. Brawn

Alan C. Brawn CTS, ISF, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE. DCME, is the principal of Brawn Consulting.

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Developing talent and professional training for personal growth tiny person concept, transparent background.

Why People Join (and Stay with) a Company

For integration businesses to thrive over the long term, they must understand what attracts top talent…and what makes them stay.

Volunteers sorting out donated clothes in community charity donation center, coronavirus concept.

Volunteering is a Win-Win Situation

If you ask a volunteer, they’ll tell you they get back so much more than they could ever provide.

woman looking a budget on conference room table, teach research, team planning

The Need for Research

Some key insights about the importance of research and how to embrace the concepts of target customers, target marketing and target sales.

Alan's Latest Posts

The Reality Of Artificial Intelligence

As you peruse trends in commercial AV and digital signage one common denominator is the frequent mention of artificial intelligence.

LED display

With Digital Displays, Size Does Matter

With larger flat panel digital displays, designers have been unwittingly undersizing images & not paying enough attention to viewer distance.

pro AV business opportunities

Pro AV Business Opportunities in 2021

New pro AV business opportunities are on the horizon. It’s our job to recognize them and learn how to approach them.

Pro-AV Business Index, commercial AV success tips

AV Consultant Shares His Top 5 Things to Ensure Success in Commercial AV

By understanding these 5 concepts, we will add value beyond the confines of the products we sell and see continued commercial AV success.

digital signage CMS, Content Management System best practices

Why the Content Management System is Important and Some Best Practices

The match of the signage CMS to the application can be seamless. Here are some content management system best practices.

analytics data

What Use is Big Data? Analytics Data is the Answer

Too much analytics data is of little value. Here’s how to make sense of it all to add further value to your clients’ projects.

Virtual Event, InfoComm 2020 Connected, pro AV trade show, audiovisual trade show

Should Pro AV Trade Shows Stay Completely Virtual?

Someone with five decades of AV trade show experience opines on what he thinks will happen at your favorite shows in the near & distant future.

RISE Spotlight, AV integrators big data

Big Data Demystified for the AV Integrator

Big data is here to stay, and it’s getting exponentially bigger day by day. Here’s how AV integrators and their businesses can benefit.

replacing digital signage

Replacing Digital Signage That Still Works: How to Prepare Customers

When customers consider replacing digital signage, they often do so when it is too late. Instead, you can help them plan ahead for inevitable failures.

AV businesses

Why AV Businesses Need to Work Like Farmers

Alan Brawn explains why running AV businesses should be done more like a farmer: you can’t expect to “grow” based on price, program, or even product.