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Alan C. Brawn

Alan C. Brawn CTS, ISF, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE. DCME, is the principal of Brawn Consulting.

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finger on lightbulb, problem solving

Problems ‘R’ Us in AV Sales

The truth is, solutions simply aren’t needed unless there’s a problem to solve.

Developing talent and professional training for personal growth tiny person concept, transparent background.

Why People Join (and Stay with) a Company

For integration businesses to thrive over the long term, they must understand what attracts top talent…and what makes them stay.

Volunteers sorting out donated clothes in community charity donation center, coronavirus concept.

Volunteering is a Win-Win Situation

If you ask a volunteer, they’ll tell you they get back so much more than they could ever provide.

Alan's Latest Posts

AV businesses

Why AV Businesses Need to Work Like Farmers

Alan Brawn explains why running AV businesses should be done more like a farmer: you can’t expect to “grow” based on price, program, or even product.

AV company management

What’s Missing? AV Company Management

AV veteran Alan Brawn offers up a template and thorough explanation for those pondering their AV company management style.

Why I Don’t Believe WFH is the New Normal

Alan Brawn outlines what he believes is the REAL “new normal” (and why working from home isn’t as much a part of it as so many people seem to think it is”).

commercial AV industry

Technology Versus Business

This is the commercial AV industry, but it is first and foremost the commercial AV business. Here’s what I’ve learned in my career.

UCC, unified communication collaboration

Pro AV Plus IT Equals UCC: The True Value of Unified Communications

What is the true value of UCC (unified communication & collaboration)? Here are some UCC business tips for integration firms.

On Fear for Our Jobs and Working from Home

What is happening and what is coming next is omnipresent in our hearts and minds. Here’s a more positive spin on working from home & fear for our jobs.

selling audio visual design services, managed services

Selling Audio Visual Design Services and Adding Managed Service to the Mix

Selling audio visual design services — as a service — boils down to both return on investment (ROI) and return on objectives (ROO).

Overhead view of giant blue puzzle pieces joined together surrounded by buildings.

Demystifying the M&A Buzz Now That AV Has Two $1B Companies

Diversified and AVI-SPL both cracked the $1 billion annual revenue barrier last week, but what do those deals mean for the overall pro AV industry?

digital signage trends 2020

Digital Signage Trends That Will Define the New Decade

Digital signage expert Alan Brawn discusses key digital signage trends for 2020 and the next decade: what will your future look like?

big data uses, big data challenges,

The Value of Big Data to the Pro AV Industry

It is imperative for integrators to know & apply big data uses to work in conjunction with systems and fulfill evolving client needs.