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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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MIT mini cheetah robot

MIT Mini Cheetah Robot Can Backflip. But it Also Has Potential as a Monitoring Solution

Quadrupedal, backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah robot is impressive. But will integrators one day use such robots in their security installations?

Xenoma e-skin

Xenoma e-skin Lets Users Put the WEAR in ‘Wearables’

With Zenoma e-skin, sensors are stitched into clothing and can help monitor vital signs and other valuable biometric data.

Internet of Senses

The ‘Internet of Senses’ will Let Machines Respond to Our Thoughts… In Ten Years??

Research suggests the Internet of Senses – the theorized platform where devices read and respond to thoughts – is coming by the year 2030.

Adam's Latest Posts

Avio Control System, Tales from Iceland Museum, AV Stumpfl, 4K UHD

Icelandic History & Culture in Crisp, 4K UHD Detail Coordinated with AV Stumpfl Avio Control System

Fjords, fish & frame synchronization typifies this exhibit at Tales from Iceland Museum, where AV Stumpfl Avio Control System controls 21 4K UHD players.

multi-zone audio system, Yamaha, Finn's Beach Club

Daydream-Worthy Finn’s Beach Club Sounds Just as Warm as it Looks Thanks to Yamaha Multi-Zone Audio System

Finn’s Beach Club’s new bamboo structure needed a multi-zone audio system capable featuring easy volume control and found it in a Yamaha solution.

Ennio Morricone, L-ISA, 60 Years of Music tour

L-ISA Audio System Impresses Ennio Morricone Himself During 60 Years of Music Tour

The maestro Ennio Morricone says a L-ISA sound system improved the quality of his live orchestra performances during the 60 Years of Music tour.

pro AV hiring, AV labor, Mason Group

Pro AV Hiring Troubles: 3 Questions with The Mason Group

Nick Lanska of pro AV hiring firm The Mason Group stresses the importance of using a networked approach to finding experienced AV labor.

Internet of Things, IoT, IoT spending

Worldwide IoT Spending to Hit $1 Trillion by 2020, Says IDC

IoT spending to reach $1 trillion in 2020. Other regions to see new Internet of Things markets, especially manufacturing, utilities and transportation.

pro AV, Tierney Brothers, commercial technology

You Should Have a Flashy, Commercial Technology-Filled HQ: Take it from Tierney Brothers

Why don’t more pro AV integrators use their offices as showrooms for the commercial technology they install? It works for Tierney Brothers.

FSR, Tampa Preparatory School, Control Systems, FLEX-LT Control, Active Learning Environments

FSR Provides Tampa Preparatory School with — Count ‘Em — 47 Control Systems

FSR FLEX-LT control units boost school’s technology capabilities, replace cumbersome remote control systems for Tampa Preparatory School.

Listen Technologies, Audio Everywhere, ExXothermic

Listen Technologies Acquires Audio Everywhere (ExXothermic)

Listen Technologies Acquires Audio Everywhere, also known as ExXothermic, combining two fitness market names into one entity.

Chattanooga Convention Center, digital infrastructure, curved displays, NanoLumens Nixel Series

Digital Infrastructure at Chattanooga Convention Center Uses Curved Displays for Impactful Messaging

Chattanooga Convention Center adds new digital infrastructure in the form of NanoLumens Nixel Series curved displays to stay competitive on the Con scene.

AV industry, pro AV

What the Pro AV Industry is Thankful for During Thanksgiving 2017

Pro AV folks share what they are most thankful for during Thanksgiving. Some say it was a wild year for the AV industry — but nothing pie can’t fix.