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Adam Forziati

Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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Boston Facial Recognition Ban, Amazon Facial Recognition, Rekognition

City of Boston is No Longer Allowed to Use Facial Recognition Systems

The Boston facial recognition ban is due to evidence that the technology is inaccurate when it comes to identifying people of color.

workplace design

What Integrators Need to Know About the Future of Workplace Design

What will workplace design look like as businesses start to reopen after coronavirus? These designers have advice for AV integrators.

socially conscious integration business

Now is the Time for Your Integration Business to Become Socially Conscious

There are many benefits to introducing socially conscious practices at your integration business: job satisfaction, but also long term customer relevance.

Adam's Latest Posts

freelance av technicians, AV jobs, AV Job Finder Facebook group

AV Job Finder Facebook Group Makes Hunting and Hiring Less Formal

Founder of AV Job Finder FB group hopes the page will attract freelance AV technicians looking for — and companies hiring for — AV jobs.

retail technology market, retail trends

4 Retail Technology Trends to Learn and Use in Your AV Business

These four retail technology trends should be cornerstones of your retail AV business if they aren’t already (just ask the next generation of customers).

retail technology, technology fails, retail AV, AV fails

5 Ugly, Unprofessional Retail Technology AV Fails (and What They SHOULD Look Like)

These retail AV fails look pretty underwhelming because they rely too heavily on the technical – and not the experience retail technology can provide.

AV industry, Pro AV news

Pro AV News… If Buzzfeed Wrote the Headlines

What would our website look like if we covered pro AV news and other AV industry trends the way Buzzfeed writes its headlines?

AV sales

Why Your AV Sales Team Shouldn’t Just Sell AV

The impact of B2B customer loyalty should not be underestimated. AVIXA says AV sales teams have got to focus on understanding their clients, not just tech.

AV industry trends

Pro AV Industry Trends in Two Minutes: AVIXA’s Predictions for the Next Few Years

AVIXA predicts the industry will grow to $230 billion by 2023. Here are the AV industry trends it believes will both help and hamper that result.

VR design, AV sales, virtual reality sales, Modus VR

Your AV Sales Could Be Multidimensional with VR Design (And More Profitable, Too)

AV sales should be driven by virtual reality sales: after all, the technology is ideal for helping integrators. Just ask Modus VR.

consumer technology, commercial technology, CEDIA 2018

4 Consumer Technology Trends from CEDIA 2018 That Mean Something to Commercial, Too

CEDIA 2018 featured some consumer technology that we believe is poised to crossover into commercial tech, too. Here are the highlights.

classroom technology

5 Unbecoming Classroom Technology Fails and What They SHOULD Look Like

These classroom technology integration fails are poor excuses for interactive tech in education environments. Here are some better examples to compare with.

competitive video gaming, AV integration, eSports technology, eSports arenas, esports tech

Why Watching People Play Video Games is Great for AV Integration

eSports technology shouldn’t be scoffed at — the AV tech they pack into eSports arenas has to be installed by someone. Why not you?

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