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facial recognition masks

Wearing Masks Confuses Facial Recognition

Facial recognition and masks study explored 3 levels of nose coverage, finding that accuracy degrades with greater nose coverage.

Instacart hacking

Apps Like Instacart Are Incredibly Useful, But How Can They Prevent Hacking?

Reported Instacart hacking potentially impacts over 275,000 users, putting part of their credit card numbers, order histories, & more on the dark web.

online learning

Large School Districts Commit to Online Learning (So What Will They Need from You?)

Major U.S. school districts have committed to 100% online learning in the fall. But will they need the assistance from AV integrators?

Adam's Latest Posts

socially conscious integration business

Now is the Time for Your Integration Business to Become Socially Conscious

There are many benefits to introducing socially conscious practices at your integration business: job satisfaction, but also long term customer relevance.

command center technology

Domotek Critical Command Center Solution is Cloud-Functional and Easily Controllable

Large 4K video wall, cloud-capable control, and more critical command center technology keep operations up and running at cybersecurity firm.

video surveillance systems installation tips

Installation Tips for Video Surveillance Systems

Whether you are new to installing video surveillance systems or have been at it for years, these installation tips are great to keep in mind.

projection-mapped tunnel

Midtown Video Recruiting Rotunda Inspires High School Football Players to Join Up with UMiami

UMiami Hurricanes tempt top-notch high school players with an experiential, projection-mapped tunnel leading up to their meetings with coaches.

health simulation center

Health Simulation Center’s Specific Requirements Met by Level 3 Audiovisual

Integrator accommodates strict guidelines related to HIPPA, FERPA, and IT infrastructure security with a huge health simulation center system.

selling managed services, AV installations

5 Tech Innovations that Will Change AV Installations Post-COVID-19

AV installations were already changing…then COVID-19 struck. Things like ‘as a Service’ & ‘Mobility’ aren’t buzzwords now, they’re critical to EVERY AV firm.

body temperature scanning systems

Sorting Through Body Temperature Scanning Systems

Body temperature scanning systems are cropping up left and right as a response to COVID-19 restrictions. But how should integrators approach pitching them?

Crestron, DM NVX, university esports

Integration Award Winner Adtech Systems Turns Old University Space into an Esports Mecca

A Crestron DM NVX system allows for zero latency across screens and streams in a Central Connecticut State University space for gaming and learning.

AV installer hard hats, safety helmets

If Hard Hats Could Talk: Installers Share the Stories Behind Their Dings, Scratches, & Stickers

AV installers share why their hard hats look the way they do right now, reminding us of the importance of on-site safety and having a sense of humor.

audiovisual industry, tech integration industry

NSCA’s Chief Economist Has This to Say About the Audiovisual Industry’s Fate in the Coming Months

The audiovisual industry is in a state of concern over how best to return to work and when it is safe to do so. NSCA’s chief economist offers some outlook.

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