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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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video game security

What You Can Learn from Excellent Video Game Security Practices

What can you learn from video game security? As it turns out, quite a lot, since the video game industry is among the most secure in technology today.

rentable solar panels

Rentable Solar Panels Are Pretty Cheap Now, Should You Use Them?

These Tesla rentable solar panels are fairly inexpensive. Is it time for AV businesses to start thinking about if they could benefit?

5G network security

If the U.S. Government is Hesitant About 5G Network Security, Should Integrators Be Nervous, Too?

5G network security is a concern right now with the U.S. government surrounding the infrastructure products made by Huawei. Should integrators worry?

Adam's Latest Posts

digital etiquette

Do You Follow These Digital Etiquette Guidelines for Email?

Are you following proper digital etiquette for email? This presentation given by someone who studies modern communication can help you.

electronics packaging waste, AV installers

Do AV Installers Care About Electronics Packaging Waste? Apparently Not Enough

Installers showed mixed opinions on electronics packaging waste in a recent discussion on Facebook. This strikes me as very concerning.

AI tutoring, Riiid

Riiid AI Tutoring Could Change the Needs of the Education Technology Market

If robot teachers – in the form of AI tutoring from Riiid – are at the helm of a new age classroom, will your education tech designs need to be easy to use?

Hatch cloud gaming

5G Networks Are Already Being Used for Gaming: How Long Until AV?

Hatch cloud gaming is an example of why the 5G network is going to be so important to the pro AV integration community and its many markets.

tv man

Could ‘TV Man’ Be an Integrator at the End of Their Wits?

Mysterious TV Man is dropping old TVs on porches. Is this some college prankster, or an integrator who doesn’t want to pay to dispose of old screens?

pro AV memes

Pro AV Memes: The Funniest and Most Relatable Images Only Installers Will Understand

Searching for the best pro AV memes? Look no further: we’re continually updating this story to bring you the best memes in AV integration.

floating concert, dangerous audio

This Floating Concert Looks Pretty Dangerous…Would You Have Set Up the Audio?

This floating concert strikes us as a textbook example of dangerous audio. What do you think? Would you have set it up like this?

Notre Dame Stadium, ESCO

ESCO Totally Transforms Notre Dame Stadium

When the prestigious university turned its famous Notre Dame Stadium into a multi-use space, ESCO outfitted it with nearly every type of AV tech imaginable.

Whitlock Install, Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

Whitlock Installs 1,000+ Displays, Custom Controls at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

Whitlock install finished 50 to 100 rooms per week to ensure Kimmel Pavilion & Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital & Cancer Care Center had top-level care.

M3 Technology,

M3 Technology Group Preps Multipurpose HQ Building to Engage & Educate

Engineer Research/Development Center needed to appeal to visitors while reserving a dedicated space for special operations. M3 Technology had a solution.