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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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emotional AI

If ‘Emotional AI’ Is a Thing, Are We Ready for It?

Integrators tasked with creating experiences for end users that can spark emotions. But should they use emotional AI systems to track the user reaction?

competitive video gaming, AV integration, eSports technology, eSports arenas, esports tech

Attend This Webinar & Learn About the Most Exciting New AV Market: Esports Tech

There’s still time to sign up for our free webinar on tapping into the next AV market: esports. If you’re in education or live events, this is a must!

Instagram phishing attacks

Instagram is Taking Phishing Attacks Seriously

Instagram makes it easier for its users to tell the difference between legitmate, Insta-originated emails and harmful ones containing phishing attacks.

Adam's Latest Posts

YouTube data collection

YouTube Data Collection: They Targeted Info on Children, and Now They’re Paying

YouTube data collection targeted children and resulted in the parent company paying billions. Message to tech companies: watch whose data you’re collecting!

Google face scanning

Did Google Face Scanning Target the Homeless?

It’s been uncovered that Google face scanning research targeted the homeless and college students when it offered them $5 for a quick scan.

MSP accounting

5 MSP Accounting Tips to Keep Your Transition to Managed Services On-Track

As your pro AV business transitions to managed services, are you keeping track of your finances? Here are some MSP accounting tips.

DoorDash breach

DoorDash Breach: Your Delivery, With a Side of Stolen Data

No matter how secure passwords are, there seems to be a hacker who can get into the back end of popular apps and services. Just look at the DoorDash breach.

TikTok education

TikTok Education is More Than Just Funny Videos

TikTok education videos are being promoted in India, but they highlight a worldwide trend towards young students seeking video content.

popular AV hashtags, audiovisual hashtags

Popular AV Hashtags are Getting Old: Here are Some New Audiovisual Hashtag Ideas We Hope Will Catch On

Need ideas for more audiovisual hashtags? Here are some serious and some funny ones that describe what you do and what’s it’s like to do it.

Self-Learning AI, Dactyl

Self-Learning AI ‘Dactyl’ Is A Robot That Can Solve Rubiks Cubes One-Handed

Self-learning AI system “Dactyl” is a robotic hand that can solve rubik’s cubes — more than that, it is meant to become the first general purpose robot.

AR beauty

AR Beauty is a Serious Market (But It is Currently More Popular In China)

AR beauty is a serious retail-related market: using augmented reality, makeup customers can try on different products before they commit to buying.

Colorado Avalanche Projection Mapping

My First Hockey Game Was Incredible, Thanks in Part to The Colorado Avalanche’s Projection Mapping

As a typically sports-averse person, I have to hand it to the Colorado Avalanche projection mapping team, they’re making games fun (even for me!).

AV installers

Scary AV Installer Stories from the Field

AV installers from various parts of the industry share their scariest stories from the field – thankfully, everyone made it out of theirs alive!