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Adam Forziati is the former senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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back to work technology

Technology Solutions To Get Your Corporate Clients Back to Work

Are your corporate clients planning a return to the office due to lifted COVID restrictions? Consider pitching these useful technology solutions.

There Are Issues with the COVID-19 Diagnosis Machine Learning Algorithms

A COVID-19 diagnosing machine learning model has issues — meaning these models are only as good as the datasets used to create them.

Pro AV industry

What Would You Tell A Newbie Pro AV Journalist?

We’ll soon welcome a new editor here at CI, so we’d love for you to share anything you think they should know about the AV industry.

Adam's Latest Posts

Yes, You Should Learn One of These Popular Programming Languages

As digital-forward experiences become the norm, the need for AV programmers should continue to grow. Here are 2021’s most popular programming languages.

Bitcoin scam

Would Your Firm Ever Accept Bitcoin?

What is the pro AV community’s position on cryptocurrency and accepting it as a means of payment for audiovisual services?

AI and AV

Facebook AI Can Teach Itself Without as Much Human Input

Image recognition and AI may be more easily integrated into commercial settings if it can learn more without expensive human input.

Virtual Assistants Conference Room, Amazon Alexa skills

Amazon Alexa Skills May Pose Security Threats

Users of Amazon Alexa “skills” may have more to worry about than simply recalling all the one-liner jokes these devices can perform.


Common Misconceptions About Sound Masking Technology

These sound masking misconceptions may be common in the world of corporate clients, but nothing a little education can’t fix.

Systems Integration Industry Terminology from Across the Pond

These expressions illustrate the differences between systems integration industry terminology in the United States and abroad.

Vivotek IP cameras used in Kestrel nesting boxes

Vivotek IP Cameras Are Helping American Kestrel Falcons Recover

Vivotek IP cameras inside kestrel nesting boxes record the birds’ activities and collect data involving their behaviors.

virtual classroom installation tips for integrators

Setting up a Virtual Classroom: Tips for Integrators

As we’re slowly realizing that distance learning is here to stay, integrators may need these virtual classroom installation best practices.

Remote-Voltage Illumination from Environmental Lights

Environmental Lights REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System

Low voltage downlighting and remote power management solutions – including REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination solution – now shipping.

artificial intelligence dog treats

This AI Model Can Reward Dogs with Treats

If artificial intelligence can reward dogs for sitting pretty, why can’t it also learn human behaviors in meeting rooms to make them smarter?