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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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deepfake video detection

Facebook and Microsoft Taking Deepfake Video Detection Seriously with New Program

Deepfake video detection is more necessary now than ever, with Facebook & Microsoft sinking cash into sussing them out. Are you sure what you watch is real?

Unihertz Titan, rugged smartphone

The Perfect Rugged Smartphone for AV Installers On-The-Job?

The Unihertz Titan is a good example of tech that would suit an AV installer: this rugged smart phone is dust proof, drop proof, and more.

Trump tech tariffs, Amazon prices

AV Manufacturers Aren’t the Only Ones to Raise Prices Because of the Tariffs…Amazon May Also Have To

Amazon prices may go up as a result of the continuing Trump tech tariffs on Chinese goods. But is the AV industry really upset by that?

Adam's Latest Posts

audio visual business, AV business practices

You Have Money to Invest in Your Audio Visual Business: How to Spend It

Let’s say you have a little more financial freedom to invest in your audio visual business this year…What do you do with it? Here are some ideas.

audio visual, AV companies

How These Well-Known AV Companies Got Their Names

What’s in a name? For these audio visual manufacturers & integrators, quite a bit. Here’s how some of the most recognizable AV companies got their names.

Shure, counterfeit audio products, fake

Raid on a Counterfeit Audio Manufacturer Impacts Multiple Companies, Shure Says

Counterfeit audio products claiming to be Shure, Harman, Sennheiser and Yamaha were seized in a Chinese manufacturing plant raid last year, says Shure.

IT directors, speak IT, technology decision makers, Samsung Resolution Tour

4 Ways Your Firm Doesn’t ‘Speak IT’ Well Enough and How to Find Fluency

Conversations with technology decision makers, like IT directors, often give AV integrators the shivers. But there’s no need to be so afraid to speak IT.

Pro AV Industry Thanksgiving 2018

Here’s What the Pro AV Industry Says It Is Thankful For This Year

The pro AV industry reflects once again on what makes their hearts filled with warmth and appreciation during Thanksgiving 2018.

tech gifts, Christmas, AV integrator, holiday gift ideas, AV integrators, AV techs, AV installers

Holiday Gift Ideas for the AV Integrator in Your Life: 2018 Edition

The AV integrator you’re shopping for will probably love anything you get them… But why take the chance? Check out our custom list of holiday gift ideas.

freelance av technicians, AV jobs, AV Job Finder Facebook group

AV Job Finder Facebook Group Makes Hunting and Hiring Less Formal

Founder of AV Job Finder FB group hopes the page will attract freelance AV technicians looking for — and companies hiring for — AV jobs.

retail technology market, retail trends

4 Retail Technology Trends to Learn and Use in Your AV Business

These four retail technology trends should be cornerstones of your retail AV business if they aren’t already (just ask the next generation of customers).

retail technology, technology fails, retail AV, AV fails

5 Ugly, Unprofessional Retail Technology AV Fails (and What They SHOULD Look Like)

These retail AV fails look pretty underwhelming because they rely too heavily on the technical – and not the experience retail technology can provide.

AV industry, Pro AV news

Pro AV News… If Buzzfeed Wrote the Headlines

What would our website look like if we covered pro AV news and other AV industry trends the way Buzzfeed writes its headlines?