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Adam Forziati is the former senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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back to work technology

Technology Solutions To Get Your Corporate Clients Back to Work

Are your corporate clients planning a return to the office due to lifted COVID restrictions? Consider pitching these useful technology solutions.

There Are Issues with the COVID-19 Diagnosis Machine Learning Algorithms

A COVID-19 diagnosing machine learning model has issues — meaning these models are only as good as the datasets used to create them.

Pro AV industry

What Would You Tell A Newbie Pro AV Journalist?

We’ll soon welcome a new editor here at CI, so we’d love for you to share anything you think they should know about the AV industry.

Adam's Latest Posts

Company Culture, corporate technology

2 Key Insights Into Your Corporate Tech Clients

Integrators in the corporate technology market should remember these two ways they can maximize their value to clients in that space.

Hottest Job Markets, finding pro AV careers

Finding Pro AV Careers: Show This To Young, Tech-Enthused Pro AV Candidates

Is the AV industry welcoming to newbies, and what’s it like to be a complete newbie when you’re searching for pro AV careers?

Everbridge mass notification

The Mass Notification Platform Securing Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 host city has utilized the Everbridge mass notification platform five times to keep fans safe and informed.

Just Think of All the Applications for this Flat Camera

This flat, “2D” camera has a plane with features measured in microns and may be suited to facial identification & lidar sensing applications.

live streaming services for schools, virtual classroom best practices

Live Streaming Best Practices for Schools

Integrators can learn from the last year to create more optimal live streaming services for their school/higher education clients.

Paycheck Protection program

How AV Integrators Can Benefit from the New COVID Relief Package

NSCA advisors recently detailed the benefits of PPP second draw & other things SMB integrators should know about the new COVID relief package.

PSA Security Network to Host Town Hall with Outgoing and Incoming CEOs

PSA Security Network/USAV Group town hall on Wednesday, February 3 will give integrator partners to ask incoming & outgoing CEOs questions.

Business Metrics, AV integrators

These 3 Graphs Summarize the Effect 2020 Had on AV Integrators

What can these graphs tell AV integrators about the state of selling technology in 2021 after one of the hardest economic years?

alert notification, mass notification collaboration platforms

Integrators Can Profit from Connecting Mass Notification with Collaboration Platforms

Connecting mass notifications with collaboration tools is an opportunity for integrators to offer better ROI & safer environments to clients.

A digital key lock in blue light against a black background.

FBI Says ‘Swatting Attacks’ Targeting Smart Home Devices are on the Rise

The FBI warns of swatting attacks, or hoax calls made to emergency services, via AV-capable home surveillance devices.