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Adam Forziati is the former senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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Rentable Solar Panels Are Pretty Cheap Now, Should You Use Them?

These Tesla rentable solar panels are fairly inexpensive. Is it time for AV businesses to start thinking about if they could benefit?

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Technology Solutions To Get Your Corporate Clients Back to Work

Are your corporate clients planning a return to the office due to lifted COVID restrictions? Consider pitching these useful technology solutions.

There Are Issues with the COVID-19 Diagnosis Machine Learning Algorithms

A COVID-19 diagnosing machine learning model has issues — meaning these models are only as good as the datasets used to create them.

Adam's Latest Posts

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FBI Says ‘Swatting Attacks’ Targeting Smart Home Devices are on the Rise

The FBI warns of swatting attacks, or hoax calls made to emergency services, via AV-capable home surveillance devices.

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9 Roadblocks to System Integrator Profitability (and How to Eliminate Them)

System integrators’ business models should avoid these pitfalls to profitability at all costs during any given project.

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What Corporate IT Departments Need from Integrators Right Now for WFH Technology Systems

Integrators can provide for their corporate clients’ WFH technology needs by paying attention to these critical areas.

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Interview Questions for AV Technician Candidates

Integration firms: here are some great interview questions to ask AV technician candidates to make sure they’re right for your team.

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Pro AV Integrators, It’s Time to Start Paying Attention to the Government

By reaching out to representatives, pro AV integrators can see increased revenue and have a greater impact on policymaking which impacts their businesses.

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10 Pro AV Stories You Should Have Read This Year

These 10 pro AV stories with important business advice, news, and announcements we published this year deserve your attention (again).

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Do You Use Your AV Technician Skills for Holiday Displays?

If you’ve ever used your AV technician skills to create a home holiday display, we want to see your festive work!

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Integrators Should Use Their Own AV Cybersecurity to Generate Sales

Having a cybersecurity strategy for your AV integration firm isn’t just good for your firm’s cybersecurity — it’s a sales tool.

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Meeting Room System Installation: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

These meeting room technology installation tips will help both newbies and seasoned pros alike form a mental checklist on the job.

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You Tell Us: What 2020 Pro AV News was Most Important?

We want to hear directly from AVTweeps: what was the most important piece of 2020 pro AV news which impacted you?