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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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Scouting Young AV Talent? Look to the Christie Design Award-Winners

Christie Design Award winners are talented multimedia professionals…and they’re going to need jobs when they graduate (hint hint).

performing financial stress tests, Business Continuity, NSCA Committees, Electronics Systems Outlook, audio visual integration revenue

NSCA Has Ideas for How to Keep Audio Visual Integration Revenue Flowing

A few tips for continued audio visual integration revenue, courtesy of the National Systems Contractors Association’s integrator members.

tunable lighting tech, hospital environments

Study of Dementia Patients Suggests Tunable Lighting Tech is Important to Recovery in Hospital Environments

Tunable lighting temp and intensity were measured to have positive impacts on sleep and wellness in a Calif. nursing home.

Adam's Latest Posts

AV Globalization, Integrated Systems Europe attendance, Integrated Systems Europe, ISE 2019, Signal Management, AV installer tools, audio visual software, ISE

What to See at ISE 2020: AV Installer Tools & Software to Make Your Lives Easier

If you’re going to ISE 2020, you need to visit these booths – they’re providers of AV installer tools and business software that’ll make your life easier.

MIT mini cheetah robot

MIT Mini Cheetah Robot Can Backflip. But it Also Has Potential as a Monitoring Solution

Quadrupedal, backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah robot is impressive. But will integrators one day use such robots in their security installations?

AV integration business

10 Commercial Integrator Articles You Should Have Read Last Year

Entertainment stories are great, but we are after all a business publication. Here are some important business articles you may have missed this year.

Xenoma e-skin

Xenoma e-skin Lets Users Put the WEAR in ‘Wearables’

With Zenoma e-skin, sensors are stitched into clothing and can help monitor vital signs and other valuable biometric data.

Internet of Senses

The ‘Internet of Senses’ will Let Machines Respond to Our Thoughts… In Ten Years??

Research suggests the Internet of Senses – the theorized platform where devices read and respond to thoughts – is coming by the year 2030.

Amazon AI, synthesized singers

Amazon AI Used to Create Synthesized Voices

Amazon AI used to create synthesized singers. They stay on-pitch pretty well, but seem to have trouble with extreme highs and lows.

8K immersive display, Looking Glass Factory

Is Looking Glass Factory the World’s First Desktop Holographic Display?

A holographic 8K immersive display from Looking Glass Factory promises to be useful in enterprise environments. Do you see yourself installing it there?

Pro AV Industry diversity

Diversity in the Pro AV Industry Will Need to be A Bigger Deal in the New Decade

The pro AV industry seriously lacks diversity – age, gender, and racial diversity. So how will aging leadership adapt in the new decade?

Christmas tree app

Estonians Used an App to Hunt for Trees This Year

Christmas tree app helps Estonians… Well, we’re not really sure how it helps them, all we know is that there are a bunch of Estonians in the woods.

digital signage system design, digital signage design

Do You Use Your Digital Signage Design Skills At Home to Make Holiday Displays? Show Us!

If you’ve ever used your digital signage design or other pro AV skills to create a holiday display at home, we want to see your work!

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