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Adam Forziati

Adam Forziati is the former senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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back to work technology

Technology Solutions To Get Your Corporate Clients Back to Work

Are your corporate clients planning a return to the office due to lifted COVID restrictions? Consider pitching these useful technology solutions.

There Are Issues with the COVID-19 Diagnosis Machine Learning Algorithms

A COVID-19 diagnosing machine learning model has issues — meaning these models are only as good as the datasets used to create them.

Pro AV industry

What Would You Tell A Newbie Pro AV Journalist?

We’ll soon welcome a new editor here at CI, so we’d love for you to share anything you think they should know about the AV industry.

Adam's Latest Posts

pro AV industry thanksgiving 2020

After the Toughest Year in Recent Memory, This is What the AV Industry is Thankful For

Installers, AV industry business leaders, and manufacturer reps share what they are thankful for after an absolutely chaotic year.

pro AV colleagues

Buying Gifts for Pro AV Colleagues This Year? What’s On Your List?

What would installers and pro AV colleagues like to receive or buy as a holiday gift? We’re hoping you’ll clue us in on your shopping list.

AV industry podcast, The Next Generation of Energy, Rosewater Energy

The AV Industry’s Latest Podcast Focuses on an Underrated Topic

The Next Generation of Energy aims to help integrators understand why reliable power is the foundation for their clients’ AV systems.

School Security PASS Guidelines

These Updates to the School Security PASS Guidelines Present Opportunities for Integrators

These updated School Security PASS Guidelines also act as a platform for integrators to demonstrate their value to keeping schools safer.

AV technology, artificial intelligence soccer ball

AI May Be Smarter Than Ever Before…But It Can Still Confuse a Bald Head for a Ball

Artificial intelligence is definitely appliccable to AV projects — as long as programmers can foresee errors only a machine could make.

IAQ rating, indoor air quality maintenance

Offering Indoor Air Quality Maintenance May Boost Integrator Revenue & Help Fight Another COVID Wave

Indoor air quality maintenance and IAQ rating are two additions integrators should consider making to their arsenal of services.

AV installers

Scary Stories from AV Installers on the Job

We asked AV installers to tell us about a time when they were scared on a job site — the responses were as diverse as they were spine-tingling!


AVTweeps, We’ve Got a Tough (But Necessary) Question for You

We’ll be straight with you: this year sucked in so many ways. But we hope you’ll share something you are thankful for so we can create a more positive headline.

power management solutions

Power Management Solutions are Critical Right Now: Here’s Why

Power management solutions are traditionally an add-on for many AV projects, but it’s about time the industry sees them as absolutely critical.

HEX! Museum, museum technology, Smart IP Manager

Genelec Provides Spellbinding Museum Technology at HEX!

Museum technology zones at HEX! witch hunt museum in Denmark are managed with the help of the Smart IP Manager software product.