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Adam Forziati is the former senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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back to work technology

Technology Solutions To Get Your Corporate Clients Back to Work

Are your corporate clients planning a return to the office due to lifted COVID restrictions? Consider pitching these useful technology solutions.

There Are Issues with the COVID-19 Diagnosis Machine Learning Algorithms

A COVID-19 diagnosing machine learning model has issues — meaning these models are only as good as the datasets used to create them.

Pro AV industry

What Would You Tell A Newbie Pro AV Journalist?

We’ll soon welcome a new editor here at CI, so we’d love for you to share anything you think they should know about the AV industry.

Adam's Latest Posts

bar restaurant technology AV systems installation tips

AV Installation Tips for Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs

These bar and restaurant AV installation tips will help both newbies and seasoned pros alike form a mental checklist of what these jobs should entail.

managed service providers

MSPs: Here’s a Managed Service Provider Business Plan To Succeed in the Next Year

These are the priorities any managed service provider business plan should highlight as we transition into a very new — but very promising — business era.

tech installers scary stories

Tech Installers, We Want to Hear Your Scariest Stories from the Field!

We’re on the hunt for scary tech installers’ stories from the field. Did you experience something frightening on the job site this year? Let us know!

pro AV business, technology solutions

What Technology Solutions Workplaces Will Need from You in 1-2 Years

Elasticity, flexbility, & hybrid capabilities are the most important for the corporate workforce and education markets – here’s what you need to know.

sound masking system installation

Sound Masking Technology Installation Tips

These sound masking system installation tips cover a category that requires great precision and a willingness to fully analyze a space.

AV technicians safety COVID-19 coronavirus

Are AV Technicians Feeling Safe on the Job Site Right Now?

Two thirds of your entire workforce could be worried about AV technicians’ safety. If that many people have an issue, there may be a problem with protocols.

Mass Notification System, MNEC, mass notification codes, Mass Notification System Installation Tips

Mass Notification System Installation Tips

These mass notification system installation tips aim to cover a complex category, one with more than just the integrator’s reputation on the line.

esports technology certification

There’s An Esports Technology Certification Now, and Integrators Should Capitalize

The first esports technology certification could give savvy integrators the ability to distinguish themselves in a burgeoning market.

escape room technology covid-19

A Technology Market We Didn’t Expect to Boom This Year: Escape Rooms

When I wrote the headline, I probably should have put “re-boom,” since escape rooms were already pretty popular before COVID-19. We were writing about them becoming a viable market for integrators back in 2017 — and we sadly expected them to disappear for a while during the pandemic. But that’s not exactly what happened. True, as of […]

AV company leaders covid questions employees, organizational culture change

A Learning Culture, Not an Organizational Culture, is the Future of Work

An organizational culture change during a pandemic probably won’t help your business — but fostering a “learning culture” will.