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Bill McIntosh

Bill McIntosh is President of BrightTree Studios

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Is the World Falling Apart? Common Biases You Need to Get Over if You Want to Run a Business

Humans tend to have these common biases that lead us to believe things are worse than they actually are. Understanding these biases can help you grow.

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The AV MBA: How Decision Tree Analysis Benefits Your AV Business

A decision tree analysis maps possible outcomes based on assumed payoffs, costs, and probabilities with the objective of predicting the optimal decision.

probability AV business

The AV MBA: How Probability Affects Your AV Business

On this edition of The AV MBA: let’s play a little game of nonintuitive probability to determine where and how probability impacts your AV business.

AV mba

The AV MBA: What Great Thinkers Tell Us & How to Apply it to Your AV Business

This is the first of our AV MBA series of articles, which hopes to learn from some of the most accomplished people and apply those lessons to AV businesses.