Getting Into the ‘Business Music Business:’ See the QSC InfoComm Booth’s Premium Business Music Solutions

The QSC InfoComm 2018 booth and demo room featured new QSC Premium Business Music Solutions targeting the retail and restaurant markets.

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QSC Premium Business Music Solutions offered integrators the chance to step into the… business music business? The business of offering business music? A business music service? Whatever you’d like to call it, the QSC InfoComm 2018 booth & demo room showcased various solutions.

The new solutions offer background and foreground business music reinforcement for retail, restaurant, hospitality and other commercial spaces.

The portfolio includes multi-zone mixers, attractive wall controllers, configurable multi-channel amplifiers, SUB/SAT loudspeakers, as well as accompanying installation and management apps for easy configuration and system management.

Opportunities for Managed Services

The company says integrators scoping nationwide rollout jobs can use the Q-SYS Reflect RMM system for a centralized control and monitoring station at each prospective location.

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According to QSC:

Q-SYS Reflect Core Manager runs natively on the Q-SYS Core processor and provides a more modern and secure interface for common, IT related tasks on the Q-SYS hardware. Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager extends that web platform to the cloud and provides a hosted solution to monitor and manage multiple Q-SYS systems including Core processors and peripherals.”

More from David Fuller, senior director, product development, from the QSC InfoComm demo room:

“There are definitely situations where the customer may want to have more channel counts (maybe more input sources or output zones), or maybe they want to use wall mount touchscreen controllers for controlling third party devices. In that case, swap out the MPM mixer for the QSYS Core.

“The Core handles all the audio processing and has a powerful, built-in control engine. That combined with PoE touch screen controllers, means each zone can have a dedicated user control interface hosted by the Core.

“Going one step further than that: if we want a lot more amplifier telemetry, like monitoring open- and closed-circuit of every loudspeaker line, using a CXDQ amp, and all the telemetry of that amp is reported back to the Q-SYS Core.

Learn more about QSC Premium Business Music Solutions here.

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