AV Rapper To Open Drunk Unkles NSCA Show at InfoComm 2014

Phil ‘HiPhi’ Cordell will add a hip-hop element to the annual Drunk Unkles charity concert at InfoComm with a four-song set.

As if the annual Drunk Unkles charity concert during InfoComm 2014 wouldn’t have blown up social media on its own…

The opening act—Philip “HiPhi” Cordell—is sure to test Twitter’s capacity with his four-song set that will include a tribute to the organization that puts the show together each year.

Cordell, the engineering and service manager at M3 Technology Group in Nashville and president of his own company, HiPhidelity LLC, will grab the mic and spit three songs from the only known album focused entirely on AV—“The AV Professional,” “Everywhere I Look Now” and “Telepresence,” along with a brand-new song he penned exclusively for this event, “NSCA.”

While the song itself is dropping for the first time publicly, the tune may be familiar to those who’ve attended a wedding reception or two in the past 30-plus years and know where it’s fun to stay.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see from Cordell when he hits the stage from his newest music video:

This is not the first time Cordell’s music has been used in connection with a major industry event. In 2013, he added some lyrics to “Everywhere I Look Now” encouraging people to attend the annual Digital Signage Expo:


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