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EZ LED Introduces EZ LED Academy to Further Direct View LED Video Wall Education

Free platform will be updated regularly to provide visitors with the latest news and information on dvLED video walls.

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EZ LED Visual Co., Ltd, a global manufacturer of direct view fine-pitch LED display technology, today announces the launch of the EZ LED Academy.

The free systemic direct view LED training platform “provides ongoing content that educates and informs commercial integrators, systems architects, and installation project managers of the latest in dvLED,” according to the company announcement.

The EZ LED Academy platform “brings together industry leaders from Novastar, Nationstar, Macroblock, RGBlink, and Premier Mounts to give an expert view on each critical component in building dvLED videowalls,” the announcement says.

Through EZ LED Academy, EZ LED and partner companies will introduce the audience to several of the key components and processes in building video walls.

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Deep dive topics include LED diodes, IC drivers, LED control system, video processors, Mini LED (SMD, COB, IMD) and mounting hardware.

“A huge part of building dvLED video walls is understanding all the technology around it,” said Frecy Lin, president of EZ LED. “Having an overall understanding of each key component will reduce installation and service time for any level of installer.

“It’s about understanding all the intricate details, and on the platform, you will learn upfront about the expectations it takes and how exceptional solutions from different manufacturers come together to help companies achieve their goals,” he said.

EZ LED Academy

More About EZ LED Academy

The platform will be regularly updated to cover new market insights, industry analysis, and emerging technology. For example, the emergence of micro-LED, a class of visual displays that features a sub 1 millimeter pixel pitch in the LED modules, will be covered extensively.

“We understand how quickly technology changes and want our platform to be an ongoing resource that helps integrators navigate the complexity of dvLED in an easy to digest form,” said Lin.

EZ LED Academy is free for all participants. Information within the course is geared to a myriad of participants ranging from AV architects, consultants, systems integrators, technical directors, and business development professionals.

To sign up for EZ LED Academy, please register as a member for access to online and offline learning resources. The academy will continually be an integral resource for those interested in dvLED display technology as materials will be continually updated to provide the best and most accurate information as technology continues to evolve.

For more information about EZ LED Academy, email