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Inside Digital Projection’s InfoComm 2017 Booth

Digital Projection highlighted some of their latest products at InfoComm 2017. New products include LED display and latest high-lumen projectors.

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Digital Projection celebrated its 20th anniversary at InfoComm 2017. Their booth highlighted a new product which isn’t even a projector.

Radiance, as DP calls it, is a direct-view LED display. Available in 2.5mm, 1.9 mm, and 1.5mm, Radiance is a fine-pitch LED video wall with 16:9 aspect ratio tiles for configuration of 1080p and UHD displays.  Designed with front service access & 24/7 capability, Radiance has a thin installation profile, wide viewing angles, and silent operation due to its fan-less panel.

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Projectors did play a major part in Digital Projection’s InfoComm 2017 booth, however: the company introduced the Highlight 4K at 7,500 Lumens or a high-contrast version at 4,500 Lumens for $20,000. According to Chuck Collins with Digital Projection, the product is the company’s highest-resolution single-chip projector.

“The Insight represents the pinnacle of our technology,” Collins says. This “true” dual-laser 4K projector has three chips and is 27,000 Lumens. A single-laser version offered by Digital Projection is capable of 13,000 Lumens with LED or lamp illumination.

The new M-Vision 18K single-chip projector is, according to Collins, “the brightest projector on the market” in its class with 18,000 Lumens.

More from the Digital Projection press release:

The M-Vision LASER 18K is suited for applications where high brightness is required but is positioned in a pricing sector not previously attainable by very high-brightness DLP projectors. Equally compelling is fact that lamp replacements are never required, due to M-Vision 18K’s laser illumination system. By eliminating regular lamp replacement cycles, system operation is never interrupted and long-term maintenance cost is near zero. This key characteristic allows the M-Vision LASER 18K to offer a much lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the projector. Adding to the several benefits of laser illumination, DP’s MultiAxis orientation capability allows the M-Vision LASER 18K to be oriented in nearly any position for installation flexibility and application creativity.

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