Here’s How Hilton Newark Airport and LG Recycled Nearly 400 Flat-Panel TVs

Hilton Newark Airport worked with Global Sustainability Solutions and LG Electronics to responsibly recycle nearly 400 older hotel flat-panel TVs.

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Here’s How Hilton Newark Airport and LG Recycled Nearly 400 Flat-Panel TVs

The 378-room Hilton Newark Airport turned out to be a pilot program for Hilton Hotels' corporate recycling strategy.

You think it’s a pain to get a new living room TV and need to figure out how to recycle the old set. Imagine Hilton Hotels’ dilemma when it sought to recycle nearly 400 older flat-panel TVs from its Hilton Newark Airport while working with Global Sustainability Solutions and LG Electronics.

Hilton Hotels realized that its Hilton Newark Airport recycling project would help it establish a corporate-wide recycling program for disposing of older hotel TVs while upgrading to energy-efficient sets.

Hilton Newark Airport, LG Electronics, flat-panel TVs

Hilton Hotels recycled nearly 400 older flat-panel TVs from its Hilton Newark Airport while working with Global Sustainability Solutions and LG Electronics.

It also gels with Hilton’s “Travel with Purpose” corporate social responsibility platform that leverages the hotel giant’s global footprint and scale to provide opportunities, strengthen communities and preserve the environment.

LG Electronics, meanwhile, recognizes that this is a challenge for the entire hospitality industry.

So it worked in conjunction with Global Sustainability Solutions (GSS) – a woman-owned business that specializes in the transportation and recycling of old TV sets as well as installation new ones – to help Hilton create that corporate-wide program.

The 378-room Hilton Newark Airport turned out to be a pilot program. Working with LG and GSS, the hotel responsibly recycled nearly 400 older flat-panel TVs, according to an LG press release.

Hilton replaced each set with a new 43-inch Energy Star certified LG flat screen TV. The project was completed in four days.

Due to the pilot’s success, LG and Hilton are extending the program into 2018 with plans to replacing old sets with LG 4K Ultra HD hotel flat-panel TVs, while continuing their shared commitment to responsible electronics recycling, adds the press release.

Here’s more from LG Electronics’ press release:

The Challenge

TVs represent one of the largest contributors to electronic waste, which is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world.

Many states, including the Hilton Newark Airport property’s home state of New Jersey, mandate e-waste recycling programs through legislation that outlaws landfilling televisions.

Committed to minimizing waste and fostering a healthy environment by providing properties a sustainable solution for the disposal of existing TVs, Hilton needed to find partners that would help facilitate the recycling of the existing sets and retrofit new sets of a high quality and caliber all during hotel occupancy.

Collaborative Effort

This large project was the result of successful collaboration among multiple stakeholders from the lodging, manufacturing, electronics and recycling industries. Together, the team needed to follow a strict timeline and stay in constant communication to achieve project goals and minimize disruption to the hotel’s day-to-day activities and guests.

To do so, Hilton and LG engaged GSS to oversee the recycling of the old TVs and installation of the new TVs.

“Partnering with diverse businesses to further support local job creation and improve the environment is of the utmost importance at Hilton, where we hold sustainability in the highest regard,” explains Judy Pines, Director of Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing, at Hilton, which has reduced its waste output by nearly 30 percent and reduced carbon emissions by 24 percent since 2009.

After the team worked together to remove the units to be recycled, they were staged in one area of the hotel and GSS was able to easily load the TVs for transportation to the offsite recycling facility in a synchronous order.

Paul Grande, General Manager at the Hilton Newark Airport, is extremely satisfied with the TV recycling process:

“The pre-planning was very easy and all parties involved were very thorough with the planning and execution. Each group had a set role which is what made this project so seamless and such a huge success,” he says.

The Transition: Enhancing the In-Room Experience

The Hilton Newark Airport property chose LG 43-inch flat screen TVs to replace 378 older 32-inch guestroom units. GSS also installed 49-inch LG hotel TVs in the Hilton’s suites.

As the industry leader in hotel flat-panel TVs, LG offers hoteliers and guests alike the ease of use, seamless connectivity, innovative technology and superior quality for unparalleled guest experiences.

Pines says LG and Hilton will continue to enhance guest experiences by continuing this program through 2018.

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart Hotel TVs will be installed during the 2017-2018 recycling project.

Leading the hospitality industry’s transition to 4K Ultra HD technology with four times the resolution of conventional HDTVs, LG 4K hotel TVs deliver crisp pictures and bold colors from wide viewing angles for an immersive viewing experience that brings the home theater experience into the hotel room.

Positively Impacting the Environment

Over the past year, LG Electronics USA drove the collection and responsible recycling of 24,234 tons of used electronics. Diverting solid waste from landfills, this avoided the release of the equivalent of more than 63,714 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The positive environmental impact of LG’s recycling is equal to taking 12,209 passenger cars off the road for a year or saving enough electricity to power 8,535 U.S. homes for a year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Hilton replaced each set with a new 43-inch Energy Star certified LG flat screen TV.

LG encourages customers to replace recycled electronics with new, more energy efficient Energy Star certified LG TV and monitors.

Supporting its commitment to responsible recycling, LG Electronics is the world’s first “Global e-Stewards Enterprise.” The e-Stewards standard, developed by the Basel Action Network, is the world’s most rigorous certification program for electronics recyclers.

It prevents the export and dumping of toxic electronic waste in developing countries and calls for safeguards to protect private data and ensure that recycling plant workers are not exposed to toxic materials.

“By using a third-party partner like Global Sustainability Solutions that works with e-Steward certified recycling facilities, we’re proud to help Hilton drive the use of environmentally protective practices,” said Christine Ackerson, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at LG Electronics USA.

“LG’s leadership in this area reflects our strong commitment to helping the lodging industry implement responsible electronics recycling.”

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