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Why the SiliconCore EZ-HD Series Won a 2019 BEST Award

SiliconCore EZ-HD won a BEST Award primarily for the fact that its ease-of-installation and servicing saves integrators – & their clients – time and money.

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There are many reasons our panel of judges voted to recognize the SiliconCore EZ-HD Series in this year’s BEST Awards. But to understand them, you first need to understand how those awards work.

See, the BEST Awards (more info on those below) are all about recognizing the best in commercial electronics products… if they’re industry-breaking revelations in technology; if they’re perfectly-suited to a specific niche application… But most importantly, if they pose benefits to the integrator.

So let us assure you: one of the main reasons this product won a BEST Award is that it poses many, many benefits to the integrator.

Let’s take a look at what those benefits consist of:

  • SiliconCore EZ-HD displays are available in 110”, 130″, and 165” diagonal sizes — pretty standard for most corporate display jobs
  • The displays can be installed by two technicians in under three hours, according to SiliconCore
  • The final installation is front serviceable and measures less than 4” in depth
  • The displays have the option to receive 10 bit content and connect via a single HD DVI/HDMI input

It’s that second bullet point that really caught the attention of our judges. We’ve heard from installers before about how long display installs can take and how tricky they can be. But the idea that two techs can finish a job in under three hours is just the type of competitive ease-of-use you’d expect from a manufacturer trying to differentiate itself in the crowded HD LED display space.

More from Jim Wickenhiser, SVP of Strategic Initiatives, SiliconCore:

“We’ve seen the explosion of collaboration areas, with integrators installing our displays into executive suites, board rooms and high end meeting environments. Our decision to produce a range of preconfigured fixed sized displays that are faster to install, provides an opportunity for integrators to specify a SiliconCore LED display at a previously unavailable price point.”

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The 2019 BEST Awards (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) from Commercial Integrator is a yearly collection of the most outstanding AV products and services impacting the commercial tech integration industry.

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