CI Fantasy Football League: Championship Round Results and In-Depth Analysis

We crowned five 2018 CI Fantasy Football League champions, meaning these titans of the fake gridiron are leaving 2018 on the highest note possible.

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You’ll see a lot of Best of recaps of 2018 or Top 10 lists that recap various accomplishments across news, sports and entertainment this week. But don’t be fooled: nothing can top the fame, fortune and everything that goes with being a CI Fantasy Football League champion.

For 17 grueling weeks, they clicked their mice, scrolled through their phones for updates and watched alerts come across their screens on their way to winning the third annual CI Fantasy Football league. Congratulations to our five champions, but remember you’re now the hunted, not the hunters.

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Group 1 Commissioner: Ray Lyons

Championship Round

(2) T1V 259.5

(1) Diversified 224.6

CI Commisioner Trash Talk: It looks Diversified will have to settle for being CI’s 2016 Integrator of the Year rather than the CI Fantasy Football League Group 1 champion. T1V completed its two-week championship round upset without much of a struggle to earn the coveted hardware and forever have bragging rights over the rest of the group. Congratulations to Tim Gibson!

Group 2 Commissioner: Shawn Tobin

Championship Round

(3) Team SureCall 194.5

(1) Winning as a Service 166.4

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: “Do you believe in miracles?!”  Okay, so it wasn’t exactly 1980 in Lake Placid over the Soviets, but #3 seed Team SureCall pulled the upset of the season over the top-seeded Winning as a Service.  Trailing by 8 points after Week 16, Team SureCall rallied to a 194.5 – 166.4 victory to claim his first Commercial Integrator Fantasy Football League Title.  Congratulations to Eric Mercil.

Group 3 Commissioner: Craig MacCormack

Championship Week

(4) A Case of the Mondays 80

(2) Rolls Royce 93

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: Jim Caldwell of Maximus AV rode his Rolls Royce to fake football glory with a win in the title tilt that went down to the last game of the regular season. We don’t know if Jim already owns a Rolls Royce or is planning to buy one with the money he won for his CIFF18 accomplishment, but he certainly knows his way around a fake gridiron, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Group 4 Commissioner: Tom LeBlanc

Championship Round

(1) Skol Vikings 253

(3) Team Gasparo 239.4

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: It was the matchup sports fans wanted: No. 1 seed Skol Vikings, which had spent most of the season in first place, against Team Gasparo, which rode a late-season surge to the No. 3 seed. In the end, Jason Cross of Parsons Electric completed Skol Vikings’ excellent season by managing it to a 253 to 239.4 two-week win to earn the championship. He enters 2019 as a CI Fantasy Football champion.

Group 5 Commissioner: Chelsea Cafiero

Championship Round

(4) Smiling Malards 234.6

(2) 2 Gurleys One Cup 220.3

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: In an upset that will have CI Fantasy Football devotees talking for years, the No. 4 seed Smiling Mallards overtook the No. 2 seed 2 Gurleys One Cup to win it all. It was a close match. Matt Ryan and the Mallards scored 234.6 points as Patrick Mahomes and the Gurleys came in with 220.3.

Even as Mahomes joined Brady and Manning as one of only three QBs to reach 50 TDs in one season, it wasn’t enough to overtake the Mallards’ rock-solid team. Gentlemen… Louis Rogers of InFocus Tech is the 2018 CI Fantasy Football Group 5 champion!

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