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Hey Industry: ‘We’re All in this Together’

Frank conversations about business challenges mark this attendee’s 2014 NSCA BLC experience.

Steve Greenblatt

Put a bunch of AV professionals in a room and typically you’ll hear a ton of technical jargon, mention of punchlists, integration, networking, vertical markets, and bid specifications.

My experience at 2014 NSCA Business Leadership Conference (BLC) is different from the majority of AV industry events that I have attended recently. 

Inspiring top-notch speakers discussed the economic outlook for our industry and led colleagues in conversations that acknowledged the need for dedicated, creative teams to identify profitable solutions. The technical group at this year’s BLC has suddenly put on new hats that we don’t often see.

The common refrain of, “How’s business?” is usually where the dialog ends when talking business at an AV industry event.  Well, after this event, we should be able to talk more specifically about how we are preparing for the future, how our team supports us as leaders, and how we have learned to work more efficiently and smarter rather than harder and cheaper.

Continuing the conversation from fall 2013 InfoComm AV Executive Conference, the theme of relationships, partnerships, customer service, and personal touch prevails.  Understanding that we are all in this together and we need to focus on collaboration and cooperation is more important than engaging each other in competition. 

And it is the direction our conversations are taking.

As we look to the future, we must challenge ourselves to think differently and to understand that our industry is changing.  And with it, our customers and our employees are changing. 

This is not a bad thing.  Now is the time to think, and to talk, about how to change in ways that embrace new opportunities and develop new skills.  Now is the time to strategize to keep sharp, to continue to lead, and to prepare ourselves for the success that is in store for us this year and beyond.

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