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Preparing for Possible Recession: 3 Questions with Tigerpaw Software

Business automation like Tigerpaw software can help integration companies stay afloat with tracking tools and an easier recurring revenue process.

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Integration companies may have a better shot at surviving rough economic times with business automation solutions, These not only keep business expenses at their most efficiently-used, but also open doors to more recurring revenue.

We sat down with James Foxall, President & CEO of Tigerpaw Software, to learn more.

Commercial Integrator: We’re in the “event phase” and unsure of the “outcome phase.” What processes should companies implement now to prepare for the future?

James Foxall: Recessions are always coming, they’re cyclical. I love the idea of positioning for growth. You’ve got expenses and revenue: it’s about automating around those two things

Right now you’re seeing companies put in recurring revenue, automated payment and other processes. Controlling expenses: are installers being maximized? 80% of their time needs to be spent on a billable charge.

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Building automation and reporting mechanisms can help you keep track of all of this.

CI: Integrators who want recurring revenue don’t always understand how important it is to find a partner — what can they expect from a Tigerpaw partnership?

JF: Most of our competitors, especially in the IT space, have been bought out by giant equity firms, who are cutting staff right now. We are 44 people who care about putting people first.

You’ll get a company that helps SMB owners run better businesses. Our purpose isn’t all about the software; it’s to help the business owners with the software.

We’re still meeting our SLA’s; you can call our number and reach a real person. We redid our licensing and pricing model to be one price per user for everything we have. We won’t sell an entry system and then raise your prices. We no longer have an “account management” team, we have a “customer advocate” team.

For more information about Tigerpaw Software, visit their website and check out the video above.