This Quiz Compares Your AV Service Revenue with the Field

Exactly how bad (or good) is your business’ level of service revenue? This four-question quiz rates your company against the rest of the industry.

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This Quiz Compares Your AV Service Revenue with the Field

Many business leaders are focused on nurturing a business model that benefits from recurring revenue via service contracts or managed services – well, any sort of service revenue.

It’s a solid business model that provides consistent cash flow, improves valuation of companies and tends to establish stronger and sticker relationships with customers.

Of course, it’s not easy. Service-based business models require effective infrastructure, sales strategies and consistent support.

The shift can be particularly challenging for companies that have long supported different revenue models – such as the product- and project-based model of traditional AV integration firms.

While most AV integration firms understand the importance of transitioning to more service revenue, well, it’s easier said than done.

According to results from Commercial Integrator’s 2019 State of the Industry Report survey, the needle isn’t moving as quickly as it likely should be.

Based on data collected from the survey, conducted by CI and NSCA, we compiled a quiz to help companies gauge their shift to service revenue versus the industry.

Nervous that you’re behind in your transition away from margin-based product and profit sales? Confident that you’re ahead of the industry curve? Your answers to these questions should set you straight in terms of where your service revenue ranks compared to the AV integration market.

Take this 4-question quiz to compare your service revenue with the field:

Don’t let your AV integration firm settle into some of the business-stifling trends reflected in the Commercial Integrator 2019 State of the Industry Report survey. Make it a priority to add more service revenue in 2019.

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