Young Leaders on Twitter: AVTweeps Everyone in the Industry Should Follow, Part 2

These 21 AVTweeps have established themselves as pro AV leaders in the Twitter realm by mixing insights, humor and thought-provoking calls to action.

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Young Leaders on Twitter: AVTweeps Everyone in the Industry Should Follow, Part 2

By now, we hope you’ve followed the 17 AVTweeps we dubbed as opinion shapers and game players in the first installment of this updated list. If not, be sure to do so once you get to the end of this group of young #AVTweeps who have become leaders early in their careers.

You might recognize a few of these names from previous editions of the CI 40 Under 40—and (SPOILER ALERT!) you’ll probably be seeing a few more of them when the 2018 list comes out in August.

See the other categories of AVTweeps to follow at the bottom.

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Without further ado …


Kelly Perkins returned to the AV industry after a brief respite to become the first program director of the NSCA Education Foundation, where she’ll oversee the Ignite workforce development program, PASS K-12 school safety initiative and more.


Kaleo Lee has established himself this year as a fun person to follow and a thought leader in the industry who’s been a relative unknown until recently. We’re glad he decided to come out of his shell.


The man who moderated #AVChat for a while is back on the market but likely won’t be a free agent for long.


We can’t say how well Mike did in his 2016 goal of cutting back on sarcasm and cynicism, but we know he’s still worth following for his tweets.


In her six years in an official capacity in the industry, Alesia has perfected the art of bridging social media and technology. She has created a strong social media presence and is making AV ‘look cool’ for the next generation.


Humor and GIFs are not in short supply in Mike Kirby’s feed, but you can’t question his dedication to the industry.


Hope Roth’s Twitter feed is named for her 2009 album. These days, her passion is more focused on helping the AV industry and her family.


We’re big fans of his unique outlook on the tech industry.


Hailey Klein has helped the PSNI Global Alliance spread the word about the group’s latest initiatives around the world since joining in 2016.

Mike Shinn’s worldwide travels as Verrex’s global managed services director mean he’s now a phenomenon in many countries.


The 2017 winner of the NSCA Business & Leadership Conference’s most prolific tweeter award always adds something to any event she attends.


Jeremy is all about helping others in the AV industry achieve more.


Gina Sansivero’s passion for her work and industry is evident in her tweets.


Wallace Johnson has earned the distinction of AVIXA Young AV Professional and today hosts a podcast about the AV industry as he searches for his next landing spot.


Gabe Moronta, technical AV project manager at Zoom Video Communications, has emerged as a more prominent voice on Twitter voice this year.


Everyone’s favorite AV-focused rapper brings the fun to the industry, even though he’s said he’s retiring from creating new AV Selfie songs.


The president of Omega Audio Video is known for his hair, his style and his AV knowledge.


Three years ago, Joseph Legato didn’t even have a Twitter feed. Now, he’s among the best in the industry at harnessing its power.


Nathan Schneider brings you closer to some of the biggest names in AV every month with AV Shop Talk. He also loves talking about his family.


Christa Bender loves beer, biking, her dogs and AV, in no particular order.


Heather Sidorowicz combined her love of AV and yoga into one Twitter handle and shares her affection for both in her feed..


Brandy Alvarado is a relative newcomer to Twitter but she’s an important resource for the AVIXA Women’s Council.


There are few better than Seth at giving the IT slant on technology in his role with CompTIA.


Alison Maxson is always looking for opportunities to share information in her role at Absen. She’s also a huge Disney fan.


We enjoy Joel Hagen’s straightforward approach to his industry—and his knowledge of the AV world around him.

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