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Tangram, Mark Coxon

AV Veteran Mark Coxon ‘Excited to Be Back on the Integrator Side’

Tangram’s Mark Coxon enjoys the opportunity to be closer to customers after spending several years ‘five steps removed’ in the manufacturing sector.

Crestron Masters 2019

Crestron Masters 2019: Here’s Why 1,200 AV Pros Attended

In their own words, those who created, planned, instructed and attended explain why Crestron Masters 2019 has a unique standing among integration market events.

video wall ROI

Video Wall ROI: Lessons You Need to Learn So You Don’t Blow It

There’s a risk that integration firms that don’t fully understand video wall ROI will leave a trail of unsatisfied customers and burned bridges.

Vistacom Experience Center

Vistacom Experience Center Brings Employees and Customers into the Middle of the AV Tech

Vistacom opened the Experience Center in 2015 as a way to help clients—and employees—get more familiar with the AV systems they build and install.

audio visual, AV companies

How These Well-Known AV Companies Got Their Names

What’s in a name? For these audio visual manufacturers & integrators, quite a bit. Here’s how some of the most recognizable AV companies got their names.

Mario Maltese, Audio Visual Resources, Level 3 Audio Visual

Level 3-AVR Partnership Was Too Perfect for Either Side to Ignore

Level 3 Audiovisual never planned to make any acquisitions and isn’t likely to make another one soon, but Audio Visual Resources represents a perfect fit.

Carolina Basketball Museum

Carolina Basketball Museum Provides Solace for Tar Heels Fans During March Madness Final Four Week

Advent renovates the story behind the University of North Carolina men’s basketball program using a FLEXTour 2.8mm LED video display.

Mason Group

This Talent Recruiter Focuses on the Integration Market

Recruiting firm The Mason Group Inc. specializes in AV integration market recruiting and is looking to ease the industry-wide talent divide.

Huddle Spaces

Huddle Spaces Are Leading to Shorter, More Productive Meetings

Research shows meetings in huddle spaces are about two-thirds as long as those in corporate boardrooms and feature one-third more content sharing.