SpinetiX at ISE 2024: Previewing a Packed Agenda

Published: January 19, 2024
The iBX440, which SpinetiX is introducing at ISE, is the latest addition and the flagship of their iBX line of players. Photo by SpinetiX.

The entire commercial AV industry’s eyes are looking to ISE 2024, emanating from Barcelona in less than two weeks. So, naturally, Commercial Integrator is reaching out to some of the most notable exhibitors who’ll be showing their wares at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. Our editors recently spoke to Francesco Ziliani, CEO of SpinetiX, for an update on the digital signage leader’s ISE 2024 plans.

Check out Commercial Integrator’s full conversation with Ziliani below.

Commercial Integrator: Francesco, can you give us an overview of the new things SpinetiX is going to bring to the ISE floor? What do you expect from the show this year?

Francesco Ziliani: Certainly, Dan. These are indeed exciting times at SpinetiX. We have a packed agenda for ISE with plenty of innovation touching every component of our Complete Digital Signage solution. We are indeed launching a new line of players – the IBX family. We are also adding new features to our CMS, SpinetiX ARYA. Finally, we have some big news around partnering with Q-SYS and Sharp NEC.

Commercial Integrator: Wow, a packed agenda, indeed! Tell us more about the new player family SpinetiX is launching. Who are you targeting with these products?

Francesco Ziliani: Absolutely! The new iBX player family represents a significant leap in our product offering, that steps on the latest technology from Intel and more than ever reflects the SpinetiX DNA promise – purpose-built hardware that is made for digital signage, with the dedicated DSOS operating system, market-leading reliability and powerful content tools included as standard.

The iBX440, which we are introducing at ISE, is the latest addition and the flagship of our iBX line of players. iBX440 delivers a flawless 4x4K at 60 fps videowall experience and perfect synchronization across 4 HDMI outputs. What’s more, it is a game changer for videowall setup and management, making videowalls easy and accessible to everyone. The player features the latest generation Intel Core processor inside as well as our Digital Signage Operating System, DSOS. iBX440 works together with our intuitive SpinetiX ARYA CMS for effortless videowall setup.

SpinetiX at ISE

The SpinetiX iBX440 delivers a flawless 4x4K at 60 fps videowall experience and perfect synchronization across four HDMI outputs. Photo by SpinetiX.

Commercial Integrator: Could you elaborate on the new features you are bringing to the SpinetiX ARYA CMS?

Francesco Ziliani: We are pushing the envelope with SpinetiX ARYA which benefits from a lot of new features this year.

We have indeed designed an intuitive wizard to guide users along all the videowall setup and design steps, offering a unique and seamless experience for users out of the same familiar and approachable user interface that SpinetiX ARYA is known and loved for. The wizard includes pre-defined multi-screen configurations where you can select the number of screens, the display orientation, screen resolution. You can customize screen diagonal as well as horizontal and vertical bezels. It is that easy!

In addition, we are presenting a new collaboration with Q-SYS: Together with Q-SYS, we developed the new SpinetiX plugin that makes SpinetiX ARYA the first CMS integrated with Q-SYS and allowed us to expand the capabilities of our CMS. The plugin allows for easy setup and management of programmatic content directly out of SpinetiX ARYA and connected to Q-SYS devices and/or sensors. This opens a vast range of applications like content automation in real time such as alert management. For example, digital signage content at a hotel that automatically updates to a warning message, thanks to a wind-speed sensor detecting strong winds.

Commercial Integrator: You mentioned your collaboration with Sharp NEC. What is this partnership about and what can people expect from it?

Francesco Ziliani: Thanks to our collaboration with Sharp NEC, we are offering a ready-to-use digital signage solution that is available right off the shelf. In essence, you get a Sharp/NEC display integrated with an Intel SDM module combined with our digital signage OS, DSOS and our CMS, SpinetiX ARYA. End customers can count on the streamlined experience that this solution includes.

In that respect, our Gold IoT Solutions partner status at Intel has been an absolute steppingstone, allowing us to form partnerships with Sharp NEC and other such third-party manufacturers. We basically make decades of SpinetiX digital signage know-how accessible to all, leveraging Intel-based architectures like Intel SDM. We will showcase the solution at our booth and SpinetiX will be featured on the Sharp NEC booth at ISE.

Commercial Integrator: Where can we find SpinetiX at ISE?

Francesco Ziliani: Come to visit our booth, 5E500, in Hall 5. You can register to get your free pass to the show at We are excited to welcome you to our booth!

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