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CI New Revenue Madness: Next-Generation Video vs. Internet of Things

Will improved High Dynamic Range, OLED and 8K resolution be more important to integrators than finding ways to connect things to the network?

In our first matchup in CI‘s 2016 New Revenue Madness, we pitted content creation against drones to see which source integrators, manufacturers and others in the industry believe has the most potential to boost your bottom line this year and beyond.

Then, collaboration took on managed services in our other 1 vs. 4 battle to name the champion of making you money and helping your customers enjoy better solutions.

Finally, we put digital signage against networked AV in the first 2 vs. 3 head-to-head square-off. This time, we’ll see what happens when next-generation video technology meets Internet of Things in the final Elite 8 contest of CI New Revenue Madness. Let’s find out more about our contenders.

It might be too soon to start thinking about 8K resolution when 4K has been slow to take hold in many vertical markets, although it’s certainly prevalent in retail advertising and becoming more common in digital signage applications. Even so, Apple enthusiasts probably already know OLED could be coming to the iPhone 7 later this year, although adoption of the technology on a grand scale has been tortoise-like. High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is gaining steam and Planar is among the companies that’s perfecting transparent displays.

Meanwhile, the future of building automation is a connected one in which the shades, the lights and other inanimate objects “talk” to each other and “tell” the network when they need repair, replacement or a refresher. If this all seems a little futuristic, it’s not. The Internet of Things is here today. Are you ready for it?

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Digital Signage vs. Networked AV

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