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Hear Edward Snowden’s Thoughts on Privacy

Edward Snowden’s privacy talk at The Web Summit is summarized in these key points. Spoiler alert: he thinks trusting a company for data security is fantasy.

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Over 70,000 recently converged on Lisbon, Portugal for The Web Summit, a large technology convention. One of the most buzzed-about talks given at the event this year was Edward Snowden’s discussion surrounding privacy.

The famous whistleblower is a former National Security Agency contractor and spoke most prominently about cybersecurity and privacy at the event via a video connection.

You can see in the video above a pre-recorded version of his talk that Snowden recorded just in case of technical difficulties during that show.

But here are some takeaways from his talk that Tech Acute summarized in their report:

  • That he believes all web communication will be encrypted in about 10 years
  • That governments are taking the rise of encryption seriously by increasing state-sanctioned hacks
  • Governments that hire surveillance contractors can coerce their contractors to make unsecure products for mass surveillance
  • GDPR isn’t enough unless 4% of global revenue fines are imposed on companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook
  • The commercialization of the modern internet is a detriment to users
  • Over-commercialization of the internet can be partially solved by regulating data collection and forbidding companies to store data for longer than needed
  • The concept of trusting a company for information security is ultimately a fantasy

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