Spotlight on InfoComm 2019

FAAST Detector Simplifies Fire Alarm Design, Monitoring, and Management

NOTIFIER by Honeywell introduces new version of FAAST aspiration smoke detection.

CI Staff

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has introduced a new intelligent version of the FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) detector. This solution was designed to provide early warnings of smoke for high-value and critical facilities. It also works within challenging applications.

The intelligent FAAST detector integrates with NOTIFIER fire alarm systems to provide a detailed alarm as well as fault and trouble information. This simplifies system monitoring, maintenance and design.

The FAAST detector uses a network of pipes to draw air samples into the sensor. A sensitive blue LED senses smoke and an infrared laser detects airborne particulates that could cause a false alarm. The detector interprets signals from both sources in order to be able to warn of smoke up to 60 minutes before combustion.

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FAAST does not require additional hardware, software or special wire. NOTIFIER can support up to 31 intelligent FAAST detectors on a single, addressable loop.

The NOTIFIER system can be used in a variety of settings. The early smoke warning is beneficial for facilities where minimizing property damage and business disruptions is a priority, such as museums, telecommunication hubs, office buildings and laboratories. FAAST’s immediate warning can help those respond and diminish loss-of-life in facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.