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What Makes Julie Kolb the Fiber Between Trinity Video and USAV

Kolb is not only the go-to person at Trinity Video Communications, but she works extensively with USAV to improve supplier protocols and facilitate the Trinity’s relationship with the group.

What started with Julie Kolb working a summer job out of high school as an administrative assistant for Trinity Video Communications when her aunt was handling the bookkeeping has turned into a blossoming career.

“This is a good, solid job and I’ve been able to grow and support my family,” says Kolb. “Life is funny. It works itself out in ways you never thought possible. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

“Julie represents an outstanding group of unsung heroes in USAV’s dealer member companies, and, I suspect, in every successful pro AV integration company,” says USAV Group CEO K.C. Schwarz, who works with Kolb on a regular basis and nominated her for this month’s Back Stage honor.

Barry Sawayer, CEO at Trinity Video Communications, feels fortunate to have Kolb on board as his company continues to grow. “I can’t say enough about Julie’s value to the company,” he says. “Julie is an incredible multitasker. No matter how much is given to her, she has it completed well before anyone’s expectation. Her communication skills with customers, peers and employees have made her the ‘go-to’ person in the company.”

Growing with Trinity

When Kolb started working at Trinity in 1999, there were five employees. Over time, Trinity has moved into more FBI-related jobs, and Kolb has worked closely with company leaders to learn more about sales, marketing and management.

Julie Kolb
Years in the Industry: 15
Age: 34
Education: B.S. in Business from University of Louisville; master’s in Business Administration from Sullivan University
(as a night student while building a family: husband of 10 years Ryan and children Tommy, 16, and Elizabeth, 8)

She also helped to develop Trinity’s first HR manual.

“I was able to apply what I was learning at school at work. They let me manage some of the technicians. I’m a good multitasker so that helped me do a lot of different things for a small company.”

Double Duty

In addition to administrative tasks, Kolb is the company’s chief security officer. That comes into play most often with facilities clearance issues, such as submitting security requests, which goes along with her HR experience.

Her biggest responsibility these days is centered on purchasing, although she’s been mentoring the person she hopes will succeed her on those duties to free her up to handle other tasks.

Go-To Person

Kolb has been working extensively with USAV Group since Trinity became a member of the buying and integration consortium. She’s helped the group and its members improve supplier protocols and report requests more effectively, among other notable achievements.

“Julie is a person who just makes sure all of the little things get done, get done on time, and get done right. No, she’s not a high-profile executive or a super salesman; she’s just a consummate back-office professional,” says Schwarz.

“If I want to make sure a communication gets to the right person promptly, Julie makes it happen. If we’re looking for key data or reports, Julie is the one who delivers. If there are changes in USAV’s programs, Julie makes sure everyone at Trinity gets the word. She is always cheerful, helpful and smart. She takes her work very seriously, but has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

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