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Why We Love Working in the AV Industry (and You Should, Too)

Many young, tech-trained prospective employees may not have careers in the AV integration industry on their radar, so a slew of industry folks share why they love their jobs.

Derek Paquin, principal of Sensory Technologies, says AV industry folks can take pride in helping organizations improve:

What makes the AV integration industry great is that there is tremendous opportunity for us to add value to our clients’ businesses. Where traditionally AV Integration primarily impacted facilities, our solutions now positively impact multiple business lines such as marketing, corporate communications, IT, human resources, operations, sales and executive management. The integration of rapidly advancing technologies and the creativity of our solutions yield business tools that are extremely powerful in creating efficiencies and driving our clients’ growth.

Michael Shinn, VP of customer relations for IMS Technology Services, points to the limitless variety of customers and technologies – “from microphones to Pokemon Go”—that keep the work engaging:

The AV industry is everywhere this day and age. Corporate, education, government, residential, retail—there are AV applications in almost every single space.  That is extremely unique and there are very few industries that offer that breadth of an application. Our professional industry expertise is required in order for the project applications to be properly installed and managed. The technology is constantly evolving and changing and we have the ability to stay on top of the latest and greatest toys. Plus, we’re talking about technology that is everything from microphones to Pokemon Go; church halls to NFL stadiums; high schools to broadcast studios. The options are endless!

John Greene, VP of sales and marketing for Advanced AV, says the industry can be a creative outlet:

What makes the industry great is the ability to face technology challenges, and by taking on the role as artist, painting a canvas for clients on remarkable and creative solutions that last well past the creators. Stepping back, thumb up in the air saying, “Yes I did that,” and signing the portrait of the project proudly.

Matt Slack, CXO for AV Solutions, says you’re never bored in the AV industry:

How many ordinary, non-executive people work with cool technology every day while viewing the world through stained glass, shimmering skyscraper windows, and a movie cinema screen out into the audience in any given week? … What other job allows you to routinely identify equipment in the background of Tom Cruise movies?

Scott Lord, director of innovation and national accounts for All Systems, says there is great satisfaction in bringing systems and solutions together for customers:

With the advent of IP technology, changes to how we communicate for life safety and security and the digital needs of this generation; AV integration is at its best. The ability to take what once were desperate, standalone systems that had many duplicate features, but all did one thing really well was frankly not much fun to design or install. Now we have the ability to take the key features and functionalities of these different systems and integrate them in unique ways specific to the customer’s needs. The integration that can’t be done at this point is the one that has yet to be thought of. The freedom to design and integrate systems at this level makes the industry a leading area for growth as well as creating a need for a workforce that is both knowledgeable in hardware and software engineering.

But Kelly Perkins, marketing and communications manager for AVI, offers perhaps the most simple and compelling reason:

Honestly, because it’s fun. If you love what you do—and have fun doing it—work no longer becomes work.

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