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At ISE 2018, Barco SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Is as Cool as Barco’s Products

During ISE 2018, announcement of Barco SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) garners as much attention the projector and ClickShare maker’s products.

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ISE 2018: Barco's Stand and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Usually a trade show such as ISE 2018 is a platform for product announcements – and it is — but the news of Barco SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is rightfully garnering its share of attention.

The SaaS solution is powered by its new Digital Engagement Platform, according to a press release by the projector and ClickShare maker.

Here are the highlights of Barco’s SaaS program, according to Barco:

  • Introduces subscription-based models for weConnect and Overture.
  • The Digital Engagement Platform provides a digital portal that allows partners and customers to manage their subscriptions more easily throughout the customer journey.
  • Partner-centric model.
  • In line with Barco’s goal of offering outcome-based solutions.

Meanwhile, Barco SaaS leverages the power of digital approaches such as cloud technology and BYOD, offering customers the opportunity to benefit from flexible consumption. With the subscription-based model, customers only pay for the services they use, at a predictable cost. Barco partners also benefit from recurring revenue offers.

More from press release on SaaS business potential:

Barco’s software-based A/V control solution (Overture) and collaborative learning solution (weConnect) are the first products that will be offered in a subscription-based business model via the Digital Engagement Platform.

Overture provides centralized management, monitoring and A/V control for meeting rooms. For its part, weConnect enables BYOD content-sharing and video collaboration in classrooms.

These new solutions serve small and large organizations, fitting in perfectly with the flexibility of the SaaS model. As an organization grows, new rooms can be easily introduced into the system.

Local Barco Partners have a key role in these SaaS offers, and act as important customer contact points.

More from press release on customer outcomes:

“It is Barco’s ambition to perfectly serve our customers, ensuring that they benefit in full from their Barco solution”, says George Stromeyer, Senior VP and General Manager of Barco’s Enterprise Division. “This SaaS model gives them both the opportunity to switch from a CAPEX to an OPEX model, and to fine-tune their Barco solution – whether it is Overture or weConnect – according to their usage and needs. For Barco, this is a disruptive way to introduce services into established markets, offering great value to our customers and optimizing their user experience.”

In the first phase, starting in February 2018, weConnect and Overture will be available in a SaaS-model in the US and Western Europe. More regions will follow later this year.

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