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Prysm Launches Quick Start, Other Collaboration-Friendly Features at ISE 2017

Prysm Visual Workplace features Quick Start, Wireless Screen Sharing, Live Source Streaming and third-party display hardware compatibility aim to improve usability at Integrated Systems Europe 2017.

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Prysm Launches Quick Start, Other Collaboration-Friendly Features at ISE 2017

Prysm has added added conferencing integration to its Quick Start capability

Collaboration. It’s right there in the name.

With video collaboration it should be easy to share and to participate and Prysm’s Integrated Systems Europe 2017 announcements seem to work toward those goals.

Prysm, which focuses on cloud-based digital canvas collaboration solutions announces at ISE 2017 that it’s adding a few features to its Prysm Visual Workplace.

Third Party Display Compatibility

For the first time, Prysm is demonstrating third-party display compatibility in its ISE stand. “We’re going to be opening up our software and enabling third-party hardware providers to run the Prysm software on their software,” says Paige O’Neill, CMO. 

She says Prysm has had requests for that capability for a number of years. “At ISE we’ll be announcing that and we’ll have Planar in our booth with an 85-inch display running Prysm Digital Workplace.”

Live Source Streaming

As part of a Prysm software upgrade, Live Source Streaming allows participants using Prysm Visual Workplace to view and edit device-centric content displayed in a Prysm workplace regardless of where they are located or what device they are using.

Any device displaying content, such as, laptops, mobile devices, in-room PCs, videoconference systems, Apple TVs, document cameras, security cameras, etc. – can be integrated into a meeting, while changes and edits can be viewed in real-time by Prysm meeting participants, according to a Prysm press release.

Prysm Quick Start

Collaboration should be easy, but until now it hasn’t been so easy that you can walk up to a display you’re unfamiliar with and simply start collaboration. Prysm Quick Start aims to change that.

The feature enables employees to access Prysm Visual Workplace without logging in, providing a fast and convenient tool that enables teams and individuals to quickly brainstorm or capture thoughts from an ad hoc meeting, according to the press release.

Using Quick Start, participants can pair devices, via a wired connection or wireless sharing, engaging with content or sketching  and capturing ideas usingPrysm’s digital whiteboard capabilities.

It’s “designed for the corporate user who needs to get access to the screen immediately and may not have a login,” O’Neill says.

“You’ll get three different options on the screen. One is to connect a device. One is to open up a whiteboard. Antoher is to log in. They can start getting benefits immediately.”

Prysm Visual Workplace welcome screen

At Prysm Visual Workplace welcome screen users can begin collaborating even without a login.

Wireless Screen Sharing

This feature allows users to users to wirelessly and securely display a laptop, tablet or mobile device to a Prysm display, according to the press release.

Prysm users can annotate, take screenshots, and manipulate content displayed by these devices.  During multi-location team meetings, a Prysm user can ensure that all actions within a workspace are mirrored in real-time to all participants in the meeting.

Wireless Screen sharing is part of the Quick Start offering, O’Neill says. It offers the “ability to share content wirelessly without having to plug in. You can now use either Airplay or Chromecast and start collaboration immediately.”

Live Source Streaming, Quick Start and Wireless Screen Sharing are expected to be available by the end of Q1 2017.

Prysm Visual Workplace wireless screen sharing

With Prysm Visual Workplace Wireless Screen Sharing

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