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QSC Q-SYS Control Training Online and Classroom Announced

Online and classroom courses for QSC Q-SYS Control training, including Q-SYS Control 101 and Q-SYS Control 201, offer control programming fundamentals for the Q-SYS Platform.

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QSC Q-SYS Control Training Online and Classroom Announced

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QSC announces its online and classroom QSC Q-SYS Control Training series, which builds on its Q-SYS Training Level 1 & 2. The new series offers Q-SYS Control 101, an introductory course with 20 videos aimed at laying the foundation for programming and classroom set Q-SYS Control 201, which applies that foundation onto common third-party meeting room devices and control scenarios.

The goal, according to QSC, is to unleash the power of Q-SYS Control.

More on Q-SYS Control 101 (from QSC press release):

Q-SYS Control 101 is ideal for those integrators looking for their first exposure to control programming training, or for those programming experts who want to apply their existing knowledge specifically to the Q-SYS Platform.

The online course covers Q-SYS plugins, custom control components, the new Block Controller visual coding tool, and a basic introduction to modern Lua scripting.

The videos employ the same style of insightful, succinct, and biting humor that have become the bedrock of QSC Training. Available now, Q-SYS Control 101 takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete and offers 2.5 AVIXA CTS renewal units (RUs) at its conclusion.

More on Q-SYS Control 201 (from QSC press release):

Q-SYS Control 201 is a one-day classroom-training that incorporates dedicated Q-SYS workstations and common third-party devices allowing students to apply the learning from Control101 to real-world applications and scenarios.

QSC has trained its global application engineering team and select distributors to administer the curriculum in an effort to help more integrators and programmers experience the robust power of software-based control. Q-SYS Control 201 classes begin this month, offering 4.0 AVIXA CTS RUs after successful completion.

“The Q-SYS Platform offers a unique approach to AV control, achieving more flexibility and scalability than any control platform, all without dedicated control hardware,” says Patrick Heyn, director of marketing, QSC Systems.

“This new training curriculum represents a major milestone for Q-SYS by pairing a simplified control paradigm with an equally simplified way of learningcontrol. Our training takes full advantage of the modern scripting languages and innovative tools available in Q-SYS Designer Software to teach fundamental programming principles in a matter of days rather than weeks and months.

“Moreover, we are proud to deliver this content in a way that is fun, interactive and accessible for programmers of all levels. I can’t wait for the AV community to take this new journey with us!”

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