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BTX BookIT Room Scheduling Can Now Display Digital Signage

With the release of version 2.7, BTX Technologies’ BookIt room scheduling solution adds several enhancements including display of digital signage via HTML5.

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Overview of BookIT Room Scheduling Solution

It makes all the sense in the world that a room scheduling display, when it doesn’t need to display a meeting, should be used to communicate messaging like digital signage. So BTX Technologies, with the release of version 2.7, had added that feature along with several others to its BookIt room scheduling solution.

With version 2.7, BTX’s BookIt room scheduling can now be used to display digital signage and company information via HTML5 when meetings are not scheduled, according to a BTX press release.

Users can display useful information such as corporate messaging on BookIT panels when meeting rooms are not in use.

Additional New Features of BTX Room Scheduling (via press release):

Enhancements to Panel Usage

A new meeting duration picker and a default Meet Now meeting title work together to further simplify the process of adding meetings directly from the BookIT touch panel.

“We’re proud of this release as it directly addresses the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers,” says Greg Schwartz, CEO of BookIT and BTX Technologies.

“Organizations want to use our BookIT panels for digital signage and messaging when meetings are not scheduled and now, they can.  Our customers also want complete simplicity when setting up impromptu ‘Meet Now’ meetings from a BookIT display.

“Version 2.7 reduces that process to three simple touches.  While this release is substantial, look for another release this year that continues to expand BookIT’s capabilities.”

Customers with current software maintenance can upgrade to Version 2.7 for free. The complete list of new features and fixes for 2.7 are listed below.

Default Meet Now Title

Set a default title to be used when adding a meeting with the Meet Now button.

Meeting Duration Picker

When adding meetings, users can now simply select a meeting duration.

Allow Anyone to Release or Extend Meetings

With new settings, an organization can allow anyone to release a meeting room or extend a meeting from the BookIT display, not just the meeting owner.

Optimized Calendar Look-ahead

Calendar items will now load even faster, which makes booking future meetings directly from the panel easier.

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