22Miles on Building Successful Enterprise Digital Signage Applications

22Miles executive Tomer Mann shares key strategies for building out successful enterprise digital signage applications.

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In this exclusive Commercial Integrator interview, Tomer Mann, chief revenue officer of 22Miles, shares unique insights into digital signage. Indeed, Mann conveys his perspective on how to build successful enterprise digital signage applications in the age of automation and AI.

Digital Signage Content, API Integration

The discussion begins with fundamental truths: content is king, and API integration is its lifeblood. With a robust set of API integrations for content automation, AV integrators can offer intuitive and comprehensive solutions that require minimal day-to-day content maintenance, while delivering enormous value to owners. A CMS with a rich library of templates for both non-touch and touch applications can ensure this data is presented with visual panache, accelerating initial system design and driving engagement over the lifetime of the solution.

The content management system (CMS) application that powers the digital signage solution must be intuitive, as well. Key features — smart templates and pick-and-click widgets — empower integrators to create dynamic experiences for their clients. The CMS also needs the flexibility to support a wide range of applications, giving customers and integrators the opportunity to scale and build out their solutions as business needs and workflows evolve.

While API integrations allows businesses to create automated, customized experiences for their organizations, AI is driving consumer expectations toward experiences that have been tailored for them personally. Mann previewed how 22Miles is building AI capabilities into its products. By creating their own AI agent in-house, 22Miles has been able to rapidly develop advanced AI applications for customers, employees and system owners.

Digital Signage Leader 22Miles on AI Chat Interfaces

Building off the success of their award-winning AI Assistant for Wayfinding, which debuted at InfoComm 2023, 22Miles has developed the capability to create customized AI chat interfaces for both internal and external communications. The company is using these capabilities internally now to create better experiences navigating the 22Miles knowledge center and executing commands within the latest version of their Content Manager software. These new AI features will be available to the public in Q4/23.

To watch the complete interview featuring Mann and Dan Ferrisi, group editor, commercial and security, Emerald, discussing 22Miles and its digital signage leadership, check out the embedded video below.

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