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4 Compelling Reasons to Visit Mvix at InfoComm 2018

Mike Kilian explains what Mvix has in store for InfoComm 2018 attendees and discusses opportunities around digital signage.

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Mike Kilian, senior director, product development for provider Mvix, discusses plans for InfoComm 2018 and why digital signage opportunities are sometimes left on the table.

Mike Kilian, senior director, product development for provider Mvix, won’t hesitate to say that integrators can be doing more with digital signage. With its content management system (CMS) solutions, Mvix intends to help integrators realize better digital signage profitability – and that’s a big part of what it has in store for InfoComm 2018.

Leading up to InfoComm 2018, June 4-6 in Las Vegas, Mike Kilian chatted with CI editor Tom LeBlanc about opportunities for integrators to take better advantage of prolific demand for digital signage solutions – and how to overcome obstacles to digital signage success.

What Mvix has in store for InfoComm 2018:

Of course, Kilian also highlighted what InfoComm 2018 can expect to experience at Mvix’s booth, North 2976.

New CMS Features and Widgets – “We’ve taken our already amazing CMS and added a lot of different features to it, a lot of robust new widgets that are [new] to the market,” Kilian says.

Fruits of BrightSign Partnership – “We launched a partnership with BrightSign recently so I’m sure a major attraction in our booth will be how our award-winning CMS is going to partner on top of the BrightSign hardware to deliver customers and integrators a rock-solid solution that is also easy to use,” he says.

Touchscreens and Applications – “We’re also going to highlight some of our touchscreen solutions,” Kilian says. “You’ll get a chance to see some of the applications like our conference room scheduling, our transit screens, our Uber and Lyft displays [and] how those are incorporated into video walls, how they’re incorporated into static displays as well as interactive displays.”

Thought-Leadership at Center Stage – “We’re going to do another Center Stage discussion on some of the case studies from this past year with some of our successful clients and how other clients and integrators can replicate those kinds of success stories as well.”

Watch the full interview above. Visit Mvix booth North 2976 at InfoComm 2018.

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