Why ‘Design Thinking for AV’ Is a Must-Take 3-Day Class at InfoComm 2018

Fast-filling-up Design Thinking for AV 3-day AV training class at Infocomm 2018 is “the coolest class we’ve ever offered,” says AVIXA’s Rachel Bradshaw.

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AVIXA's Rachel Bradshaw explains why the three-day “Design Thinking for AV” at InfoComm 2018 is “the coolest class we’ve ever offered."

AVIXA has offered successful, valuable three-day classes at past InfoComms. But there’s something different about “Design Thinking for AV,” according to director of program design Rachel Bradshaw, who calls the three-day AV training session “the coolest class we’ve ever offered” and a “transformative experience.”

So what is it?

“Design Thinking for AV,” which takes place June 2, June 3 and June 4 during InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, is billed as an experiential AV training course for professionals that will help them approach system design from a user perspective.

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It’s not just for system designers. “It’s about design thinking, which is an approach to problem-solving that can really be applied to roughly any kind of problem where you’re trying to create something that someone else is going to use,” Bradshaw explains.

“It’s approaching it specifically an AV standpoint and using AV case studies to help people learn to apply this thought process that has become really popular across businesses to AV projects.”

According to the course description, Day 1 focuses on fundamentals of design thinking “from ideation to action.” During the next two days students will hone their skills. By the end of the AV training course, AVIXA expects students to be able to apply five principles:

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

Why Is Design Thinking Critical for AV Professionals?

AVIXA, which is extremely focused on the “experience” side of AV, obviously sees design thinking as important to solving customers’ challenges. Therefore, the flip-side of design thinking must have its limitations.

“I would think of the antithesis of design thinking for AV being product thinking or function thinking,” Bradshaw says.

In other words, design thinking is the opposite of entering a customer conversation by trying to figure out “what stuff do you need,” she says.

“A better approach is: What do you need to do? Design thinking goes beyond what do you need to do to who are you, what do you want, what hurts you, what helps you, and in the final analysis, the goal of design thinking is to take you a step further.”

InfoComm 2018 attendees can check availability for registration here.

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