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What Manufacturers Should Do for Audio Visual Integrators, According to Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts is successful not just because it makes quality products, but because it offers audio visual integrators guidance where most companies don’t.

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It would be one thing if audio visual integrators only had ONE display mounting manufacturer to choose from. But in the relatively-straightforward world of that product category, integrators still have plenty of options. So why would you choose one company over another?

This is a question Premier Mounts has wrestled with — and, theoretically, any company — has wrestled with since its inception. But lately, they feel confident they’re moving in the right direction.

How They’re Standing Out

For one thing, Premier Mounts has hopped on the content creation bandwagon with video case studies and educational blogs, setting an example for their integrator customers to do the same for their own clients.

But, more specifically, Premier Mounts helps audio visual integrators after the order is placed.

“We can provide direct site survey support, create visual renderings for the integrator and their customer for a visual on the solution, or provide hands-on training to their installation team on how to properly mount LCD & direct view LED video walls,” says Tiffany Dozier, Executive Vice President of Sales.

“Our ability to earn the trust of integrators so they can bring us into their projects early on is critical. We act as an extension of the integrators sales team, design/engineering team and project management team.”

Brandon Breznick, Assistant Communications Manager, says when it comes to custom designed mega structures requiring structural engineering stamps or other support, the Premier Mounts team can help figure out solutions and keep project stakeholders on the same page.

“We sit at the table in the pre-design stages of the project and ask the necessary questions to uncover hidden obstacles and other “gotcha’s” that could easily derail a project.”

Premier also helps in educating their integrator partners through their monthly 2-day CTS RU Certified installation classes where we train integrators & certified installation partners how to properly execute an LCD & direct view LED installation.

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