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Low-Voltage LumaStream Suspended LED Fixture Is Ideal for Meeting Rooms

The LumaStream Parallux LSF15 suspended LED fixture is low-voltage, dimmable and a great fit for meeting rooms including conference or huddle rooms.

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Low-Voltage LumaStream Suspended LED Fixture Is Ideal for Meeting Rooms

Low-Voltage LumaStream Suspended LED Fixture

Lighting can be a challenge in meeting rooms. Now integrators have a low-voltage option – the LumaStream Parallux LSF15 suspended LED fixture.

According to LumaStream, a maker of low-voltage LED lighting systems for residential and commercial applications, the newly introduced Parallux LSF14 suspended LED fixture features innovative optics and easy configurability for integrators.

The manufacturer says the LumaStream Parallux LSF15 is ideally suited for conference rooms or like applications and that it eliminates unpleasant shadowing and provides superb in-room uniformity by utilizing a unique optic that radiates 70 percent of the light downward and 30 percent upward.

The Parallux LSF14 is elegantly constructed from aluminum with a laser-etched glass diffuser that remains translucent until the suspended LED fixture has been energized, according to a LumaStream press release.

More from LumaStream’s Parallux LSF15 press release:

The LumaStream Parallux LSF14 has been engineered to work with the same power supply as the company’s popular downlight fixtures, giving integrators the most efficient “turnkey” complete lighting solution for their clients.

Each power supply output is individually addressable, enabling integrators to program scenes such as ON, OFF, PRESENTATION or other, and easily interface with their control platform of choice.

Because the Parallux LSF14 uses LumaStream’s patented remote driver technology, the cool-running, energy efficient suspended LED fixture is an ideal solution for an array of commercial applications of any size. The sleek Parallux LSF14 fixture is 4-feet in length by 1-foot in width and 1-inch in height.

“The Parallux LSF14 is an elegant suspended LED fixture solution for any boardroom or conference room—and it provides the ideal combination of both subject and ambient lighting,” says LumaStream CEO George Gordon.

“Our integrators now have a complete array of best-in-class lighting solutions that are control system agnostic and work seamlessly together to create the finest overall lighting experience for their clients.”

LumaStream Parallux LSF15 Is Engineered for Integrators (from press release):

With LumaStream, integrators have full control over an end-to-end, architectural LED lighting solution that is modern and energy-efficient without the need to be dependent on a licensed electrician. LumaStream’s LED lighting solutions are based on patented technology that enables smooth, faultless dimming as well as the distribution of low-voltage DC over long distances between remote power supplies and premium light fixtures without any degradation in performance.

Featuring fully scalable power supplies available in DMX or 0-10 volt configurations with up to 12 channels, the LumaStream lighting platform runs cooler and performs to specification longer than competitive LED lighting solutions.

Most critically, LumaStream supports their integration partners with comprehensive lighting design services as well as technical and sales support teams, giving them access to high-level expertise and a pathway to success in the lighting category.