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3 Types of Tunable white LED Lighting You Can Provide for Clients

Tunable white LED can offer considerable savings in energy and greatly increases the flexibility and usability of lighting systems.

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If you could help a client save energy and optimize how they use their lighting systems, why wouldn’t you? Integration firms should consider tunable white LED lighting as a means of supplementing their income on enterprise/corporate/healthcare projects.

This is lighting that can be adjusted by the end users (or pre-programmed by you) to produce certain intensities and color temperatures at certain times of day, mimicking the natural cycle of warmer lighting in the morning and late afternoon and whiter, “bluer” light midday.

This lighting isn’t just used for wellness purposes. It could be used for activity signaling, blending for interior design, and many other applications.

To learn more about tunable white LED lighting options, here’s some information from FacilitiesNet:

1. Full-color-tunable. LED products that produce a multitude of saturated colors, ideal for architainment and similar applications.

2. Dim-to-warm. These automatically reduce white-light CCT to a visually warm color appearance during dimming, similar to an incandescent lamp. This provides a quick and easy option where an LED lamp is selected for its energy savings and performance.

3. Tunable white. These allow manual or automatic adjustment of CCT across a defined range from warm to cool.

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According to FacilitiesNet, tunable white lighting is typically installed with a driver that may feature a color-mixing lighting controller, enabling both color and light output control; while input devices control color and light output by communicating via an analog 0-10V signal, digital wired or wireless protocol.

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