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Apollo Enclosures InfoComm 2018: Elite and Pro X Lines Help Redefine Outdoor TV Enclosures

At InfoComm 2018, Lynn Stearn of Apollo Enclosures discusses how outdoor TV enclosures such as her Elite and Pro X lines have redefined the category.

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InfoComm 2018: Apollo Enclosures' Lynn Stearn discusses Pro X and Elite outdoor enclosures.

Lynn Stearn, president of Apollo Enclosures, wasn’t afraid to remind InfoComm 2018 attendees of a time when outdoor TV enclosures were typically eyesores. In a way, that’s what led to her company to develop solutions such as the Elite and Pro X lines of outdoor display enclosures that were on display at the trade show, June 6-8 in Las Vegas.

Outdoor Display Category Has Changed

A proliferation of digital signage is just one reason the outdoor display market has grown. For Stearn and Apollo Enclosures, it pointed to a need for better outdoor enclosure solutions than what was previously available.

“When we decided to get into the enclosure line we wanted to redefine the category by creating slim, sleek and beautiful products,” says Apollo Enclosures’ Lynn Stearn.

“For outdoor TV enclosures, years ago they used to have a reputation for being big, bulky boxes or plastic containers,” says Stearn, in a CI video.

“When we decided to get into the enclosure line we wanted to redefine the category by creating slim, sleek and beautiful products that would make it look like an outdoor TV when you put it up. So you don’t have this TV-in-a-box look.”

With its expanded Elite line and Pro X line on display at InfoComm 2018, Apollo Enclosures offers system designers an opportunity to offer a more custom-fit solution – “which is what people like to have in both residential and commercial applications,” Stearn says.

“They want it to look like an outdoor TV, not like a TV in a box.”

More on Apollo Enclosures Elite and Pro X Lines

The Apollo Enclosures Elite line was recently expanded to include an 86-inch model. In total, the line consists of six model sizes, ranging from 43 to 86 inches for landscape applications.

The new Pro X line, meanwhile, “is designed for ultra-high-bright displays,” Stearn says.

“We have three model sizes for that. That’s 55-, 65- and 75-inch and they’re available in landscape and portrait.”

Learn more about the new Pro X line here.

Watch Lynn Stearn discuss Apollo Enclosures’ offerings at InfoComm 2018 in the video above.