The Best #AVFails of 2022

Published: 2023-04-19

Editor’s Note: This #AVFails story was originally published on December 1, 2022. We most recently updated it, with additional photos and submission information, on September 29, 2023.

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In the spirit of fun and levity, let’s all share a laugh over some good #AVFails CI received last year! Have you ever walked into a client’s closet only to find a wire rack that looks like a tangle of spaghetti? Or how about when everything’s out of alignment and you’re begging for a leveler? Is that projector mounted in a room filled with lights or with open windows everywhere? Maybe duct tape and a piece of string are holding the whole system together. Seeing any of these #AVFails would make any integrator initially cringe, but then maybe chuckle.

Yup, all frustrations aside, some of #AVFails are simply too good not to laugh at! So, we’ve gathered some of the best #AVFails we received all throughout last year. Want to join us in marveling (or shaking our head) at them?


Have an #AVFails image you’d like to submit? We are looking for more photos for subsequent editions of this series!

If you’ve seen some gnarly #AVFails in the field and have a photo, send it our way! Email your JPGs or PNGs to me at [email protected]. You might just see it in our next slideshow!

If you have any context for what space you’re showing (e.g., a university in the Midwest, a corporate boardroom in the northeast, a museum in California), please label the photo accordingly.

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