Reflections on BLC 2022 #3: First-Person Integrator Perspective

Published: 2022-03-02

Editorā€™s Note: During NSCAā€™s recent Business & Leadership Conference (BLC), I had an opportunity to chat with many integration business owners about the value they derive from BLC each year. One of those integrators was Matt Chitwood. The principal of PIVIUM, a nationwide, full-service design and integration firm, he offered to share a very personal take on the enduring value of BLC.

This was my 11th BLC. Each time I attend, I feel like a veteran and a rookie! In one sense, I have made so many connections, friendships and relationshipsĀ over the years. Yet, on the other hand, the industry is changing so much, and Iā€™m challenged every year I attend. Every single year, I leave on fire about the opportunity in our industry and for my firm. In fact, in 2018, I was so encouraged by a conversation during the golf outing rain delay that I went home and told my Board of Advisors I wanted to rebrand and rename my company! (And I actually did so in 2019.)

Craving In-Person Connection

I was particularly challengedĀ by my team members who attended the 2021 virtual BLC. They left both craving the in-person connection and wantingĀ to bring more of our team to the 2022 in-person event. This year, PIVIUMĀ had five representatives. I wanted my leaders, as well as a couple of new employees, to know that we had a group of advocates for our industry. They got to introduce themselves to leaders in our industry who represent all facets of our businesses. They were coached by bestselling author Jon Acuff on the concept of ā€œSoundtracksā€ and how to make that problem into a superpower. They also learned from Dr. Calvin Mackie, who offered insights about how to access and engage with the future innovators of the U.S. and the world.

Clearly, the last two years have illuminated the basic human need for community. In businesses, which are made up of people, this is no different. Unless we work together, encourage one another and, most importantly, pour into one another, weā€™re just sitting on the sidelines. PIVIUM attended the BLC 2022 to do all those things, and we will be back again in 2023 for the same.

Matt Chitwood is accessible on #avtweeps Twitter @mattchitwood. To check out previous blog entries, go toĀ Commercial Integrator’sĀ blogs page.

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