C2 Experiences at InfoComm 2018 Are … Well, You’ll Have to See Them

Published: 2018-05-09

Trade shows are evolving and InfoComm 2018 is no different. AVIXA has enlisted the developers of C2 Montreal to bring their unique approach to blending business with immersion and collaboration to the show floor.

[related]Imagined by world-class agency Sid Lee in collaboration with founding partner Cirque du Soleil, C2 International was established to help businesses foster a culture of innovation and creativity, according to an AVIXA press release.

AVIXA adds that C2 will bring several of its most engaging labs to InfoComm 2018, which takes place June 2-8 in Las Vegas, encouraging attendees to connect with big ideas and collaborate in new ways. C2 labs combine technology, immersiveness, and networking into a series of unique, facilitated encounters.

AVIXA worked with C2 to facilitate a meeting in Canada and liked what it saw, says AVIXA senior VP of marketing and communications Dan Goldstein.

AVIXA wanted to take the relationship “a step further and leverage their expertise in creating activations, in-person activations that are a little bit above and beyond what you would normally expect at an InfoComm show but which were very relevant to what we do and what the AV industry does,” he says.

C2 at InfoComm 2018

C2, InfoComm 2018, AVIXA

C2’s Sky experience. Image:

As for what C2 will bring to the InfoComm 2018 show floor, to a certain degree attendees will have to wait and see, but Goldstein says there are two “activations” that will stand out.

One is called Sky. “It’s kind of like a high-tech version of a fairground ride where you sit on a seat with a group of three or four other people, you get strapped in and then lifted high up off the ground,” he explains.

“You’re surrounded by a kind of immersive AV backdrop and you have a facilitator with you who asks you a series of questions as you rise up into the air and then ultimately come back down again.”

Then there’s In the Dark, which Goldstein says is pretty much the opposite experience.

“Instead of being something that looks really amazing from the outside, this is basically a pitch black environment, a black box into which you walk and there is literally no lighting inside.

“So it’s almost a complete antidote to all the technology and very kind of high energy, high color, high sound environment of the InfoComm show floor and so and the content that you’ll be able to get at these two activations is very different.”

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