CI Fantasy Football League: Week 11 Results and In-Depth Analysis

Published: 2018-11-20

We’re just about to Thanksgiving and that tells everyone who knows anything about football that it’s getting down to crunch time. There isn’t much time left for the 54 entrants in the five 2018 CI Fantasy Football leagues to make up ground in the standings if they got off to tough starts.

That probably means Brand Definition and Windy City Wire don’t need to worry about clearing space on their office shelves for a trophy this season, but there’s always next year—if publisher Ray Lyons and sales manager Shawn Tobin welcome them back.

Actually, why wouldn’t they want them back for another go-round with those paltry win totals?

CI editorial director Tom LeBlanc has the most parity in his group, with no team winning less than four games so far this season, while editor-at-large Craig MacCormack found a loophole to get himself into the playoffs that others have yet to discover.

See last week’s CI Fantasy Football highlights here

Account executive Chelsea Grater-Cafiero could finish with a winning record if she wins her final two regular-season games. Not bad for a first-time fantasy football player.

Here’s a closer look at the latest from the fake gridiron:

Group 1 Commissioner: Ray Lyons Wins-Losses
Diversified 9-2
T1V 8-3
Z-Wave 7-4
Waveguide 7-4
Savi Controls 7-4
Vanco 6-5
Speco Technologies 5-6
Canon Projectors 5-6
My Team’s Better (CI) 4-7
DigiDaybook 4-7
Digital Projection 3-8
You Need Brand Definition 1-10


CI Commissioner Trash Talk: OK…another disappointing loss on my end, so humility is setting in. Diversified rolled on to 9-2 with this week’s highest point total (154), while other winners included Vanco (151 pts), Canon Projectors (136 pts), Digital Projection (131 pts), T1V (128 pts) and Savi Controls (126 pts). I think this is the first week where every winner was above 125 pts, so no pillow fight winners this week. Now with 2 weeks to go, it looks like 5 (maybe 6) teams still in contention for the 4 playoff spots…should be an interesting finish!


Group 2 Commissioner: Shawn Tobin Wins-Losses
Winning as a Service (AVI-SPL) 9-2
Team Mercil (SureCall) 9-2
HDBaseT-Pain (AVI Systems) 8-3
Magic Skol Bus (Klipsch) 7-4
Banner Clique (CI) 6-5
La Grange Park Perfect Pixels (NEC) 6-5
WC BigTime (D-Tools) 5-6
Team Shelby (Viewsonic) 5-6
TecNec Titans (TecNec) 4-7
Team Wicka (LG) 4-7
Run Like A Gurley 3-8
Ugh Can’t Win (Windy City Wire) 0-11


CI Commissioner Trash Talk: This week, I’d like to dedicate this entire space to one team who shall remain nameless…who has accomplished the impressive feat of starting the season 0-11. Hang in there. If Nathan Peterman can lead his team to victory, so can you.


Group 3 Commissioner: Craig MacCormack Wins-Losses
Rolls Royce (Jim Caldwell-Maximus Control) 9-2
Team Guhl (Jennifer Guhl-ANC) 9-2
A Case of the Mondays (Matt Camps-NETECH Corporation) 7-4
The Lukes O Hazzard (Luke Jordan-EAVI) 6-5
Mac Daddies (Craig MacCormack-CI) 6-5
Team Sansivero (Gina Sansivero-AtlasIED) 6-5
Team Durham (Scott Durham-Yorktel) 3-8
Team Means (Jimmy Means) 3-8
Guns N Rosens (James Ballard-Orbis) 3-8
Team Donnelly (Ryan Donnelly-Third Coast Tech) 3-8


CI Commisioner Trash Talk: Conspiracy theorists would say our commish expanded the playoff field to eight teams in anticipation of his rematch with The Lukes O Hazzard and the shellacking that ensued. While that wasn’t the case, the Mac Daddies’ 118-54 loss this week may have set the standards for blowouts this season. Is there a prize for that? The eight-team playoff format also means the four teams at the bottom of the standings have a lot to play for in the final few weeks. Team Durham and Guns N Rosens would have made statements with 30-point wins if it weren’t for the Lukes-Mac Daddies blowout (and Rolls Royce cruising past Team Sansivero, 111-49).


Group 4 Commissioner: Tom LeBlanc Wins-Losses
Skol Vikings (AVI Systems) 8 – 3
Can You Diggs It (Human Circuit) 7 – 4
Team Luisi (Diversified) 5 – 6
Team Gasparo (Wyrestorm) 6 – 5
Philly Special (Ovation) 5 – 6
Team Ackerman ( Rock-It Audio Video) 6 – 5
Team Pearson (CTG) 5 – 6
Team LeBlanc (Commercial Integrator 5 – 6
Team Wells (CCS Presentation) 4 – 7
Ypsilanti Jesses (Midtown Video) 4 – 7


CI Commisioner Trash Talk: It was the week of Team Gasparo. After toiling in anonymity for much of the year with many wondering if he indeed has what it takes to compete in the CI Fantasy Football League, Team Gasparo suddenly came alive. He channeled his desperation into a 177.1 to 95.9 thrashing of Can You Diggs It?! Unconfirmed reports indicate that Can You Diggs It?!, which has fallen to a mediocre 7-4, will cancel Thanksgiving in order to focus on retooling his team.


Group 5 Commissioner: Chelsea Cafiero Wins-Losses
Team Schutzer (Opt Online) 9-2
2 Gurleys One Cup 8-3
Nebraska Taco Corp (Schaefers TV) 7-4
The Evil Empire (Rock Electric) 6-5
Smiling Mallards (InFocus Tech) 6-5
Bitter Donkey’s (InfoCor) 5-6
Mr. McGibblets (CI) 5-6
South Central Mud Dogs (Electrosonic) 4-7
Team HiBoost (HiBoost) 3-8
Team Wynn (Thomas Communications) 2-9


CI Commissioner Trash Talk: It’s official, anyone who drafted the most Rams and Chiefs players is killing it in this league, especially after that MNF insanity last night. Team Schutzer pulls ahead with only 2 weeks to go until the playoffs, followed by the Gurleys and Taco Corp. Yawn. It’s like the real-life Chiefs, Rams and Saints. We’re sick of seeing you guys win. It’s up to those of us who are neck and neck in the middle to pull ahead to have a chance to take these tools in the playoffs. As for Mud Dogs, HiBoost and Wynn… sucks to suck.

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