Digital Signage Education: Selling Should Start with Experience, Not Tech Specs

Published: December 7, 2017

Digital signage products were a major feature at the NEC NYC Showcase in October. How appropriate, then, for NEC VP of strategy Rich Ventura, who also heads the Digital Signage Federation (DSF), to comment at the showcase: “one of the biggest goals at the DSF is centered around digital signage education.” [related]

Our on-demand webcast on rethinking digital signage uncovers some of the misconceptions integrators commonly exhibit while selling digital signage.

Most digital signage customers aren’t likely in the market for looks. And, we get it: looks obviously seem like a big selling point.

But your customers probably favor experience over tech specs. They want to share their message with the world, not fixate on a beautiful machinated centerpiece.

At the NEC NYC Showcase, Ventura stressed the importance of the DSF’s work and how the organization brings like-minded people together to have imporant conversations about every aspect of the digital signage industry.

Being a part of those conversations, he says, is an important means of digital signage education which leads to real-world improvements to selling these solutions.

One of the biggest goals of the DSF is centered around education — not just education of end-users on what digital signage is, but education about what it should be. This is really important for integrators, we really embrace the integration community at DSF and look at how to deliver more value to your customers and greater ROI.

While factors like tech specs and content remain a very important consideration in budgeting for and operating a digital signage system, when it comes to making a sale, the most important element of digital signage ecosystem is the value proposition.

So if you think your digital signage sales could use a boost, consider your sales pitch: are you focusing enough on how to communicate your customer’s specific message?

Learn more about the Digital Signage Federation here.

And for those who haven’t already taken it, be sure to check out our quiz below to identify just how much digital signage education you’re in need of.

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