Opinion Shapers on Twitter: AVTweeps Everyone in the Industry Should Follow, Part 1

Published: July 27, 2018

We introduced you to our favorite people picks under the hashtag AVTweeps in January 2016, collecting an honor roll of exemplary tweeters who could trigger action within the pro AV integration world—or at least get people talking about something.

A lot has changed in the past 30 months, not the least of which is Twitter now allows twice as many characters per tweet as it did back then, meaning these AVTweeps have 280 characters rather than 140 to express themselves. [related]

We’ve also met some newcomers to the pro AV Twitter universe and learned more about the original honorees. That’s why we’re updating that 2016 collection of must-follow AVTweeps today, although you’ll likely recognize many familiar faces on this list.

Unlike our annual 40 CI Influencers Under 40 list, we didn’t feel right about kicking off many of the people we told you to follow a few years ago. We also decided to group the list into clusters this time to make it easier for you to find your passion and follow those who share it.

See the other categories of AVTweeps to follow at the bottom.

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to who you follow on Twitter and we thank the 6,900-plus of you who follow all the industry insight, news and information we send out.

Add that to those who follow our editor-in-chief, editor-at-large, web editor, products editor and managing editor, and we feel good about having cornered the market on keeping you informed about what’s going on in the AV industry—and beyond.

Here’s hoping you find a few feeds you aren’t following yet. We think we’ve done a good job collecting the best AVTweeps in the world, but please be sure to let us know who should be on our list when we update it next time.


The AV industry’s most prolific tweeter has also become the go-to source for the “embrace debate” culture that’s permeated news and sports coverage. He launched the #AVintheAM hashtag earlier this year, creating the follow-up to the old #AVchat hashtag that was popular in the early days of CI. Barco’s Chris Neto also is one of the combatants—along with another opinion shaper on our list—on the AV Smackdown, a lively video debate of some of the industry’s hottest topics.

Perhaps no one in pro AV is less afraid about sharing his opinions than Diversified’s Harry Meade, no matter the topic. He’s never afraid to express the contrary opinion on hot industry topics, although he’s definitely appreciative of unique trade show swag he collects.


Don’t let his Canadian accent or dapper appearance fool you: Westbury National’s Brock McGinnis is a master of the Twitter teardown, but only when it’s absolutely necessary, which is primarily when he smells one of his peers slinging BS.

Consultant David Danto doesn’t shy away from controversy on Twitter, especially if you take away the travel privileges he’s flown many miles to earn.

Barco’s Mark Coxon has the unenviable task of squaring off with co-worker Chris Neto in AV Smackdown, but this Krav Maga instructor can more than hold his own in any sort of confrontation.


Victoria Ferrari has bold opinions, but has plenty of facts and experience to back them up. She’s a proud member of the #SPoAV (Short People of AV).

New Era Technology’s John Greene is known for finding a unique way of expressing what everyone else is already thinking. He’s no shrinking violet and we love him for that.

Daniel Newman always seems to be thinking one—or two or maybe three—steps ahead of everyone around him. Maybe that’s part of why he’s been so successful at such a young age.


Leonard Suskin enjoys mixing it up a bit with his fellow #AVTweeps when he finds a topic for which he feels a lot of passion.

Starin Marketing’s market development manager has plenty of strong opinions on all sorts of topics.


Luke Jordan of Electro Acoustics brings a refreshing and fun attitude and spirit to an industry that sometimes takes itself too seriously.


No matter what role he’s played in the AV integration chain, Bradford Benn certainly brings a unique outlook to everything he discusses.

Even though Josh Srago is leaving the pro AV space to head to law school, even he knows the industry will never stray too far from his heart.

Fun and Games with AVTweeps

This account puts a fun spin on the things you’re probably thinking about in the field, at your desk or at home every week anyway. Users who reply with the weekly hashtags get a point or two for their efforts, but we’re all winners in the end.


This account is a relative newcomer on the scene and certainly seems to be singularly focused on the art of butchering a perfectly good classic song. The use of GIFs only serves to enhance the humor of the interactions.

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