NSCA Business & Leadership Conference Has Become Must-Attend for Many in AV

Published: February 22, 2018

As always, there will be plenty of new faces in Dallas next week for the 2018 NSCA Business & Leadership Conference among the hundreds of attendees. But perhaps the ultimate tribute to BLC organizers is how many people come back every year.

Among the panelists CI surveyed about the 20th BLC and their reasons for attending the event, two have attended 15 or more BLCs, while 13 of the other 19 respondents say they’ve attended at least one BLC in the past and will be back this year. [related]

“It’s invaluable in enabling me to understand the trends of our market, how to pivot our business model to address the changes going on in the market, and to be a better leader of my business,” said one respondent.

BLC is a must-attend event because of its “high-level, owner/manager-oriented discussions and world-class presenters,” said another veteran attendee. “The only downside is I sometimes get TOO MANY good ideas!”

“The content of the event is focused about how we can make our organizations stronger and better with very little content focused on AV specifically,” says one attendee. “It is also one of the finer networking opportunities of the year.”

Key Themes: Why Go to the NSCA BLC 2018?

Networking was a common theme among respondents, as the BLC gives plenty of time for those who’ve never met each other or don’t see each other often plenty of time to spend catching up.

The mix of “relevant discussions about current business matters” and BLC being “a great time to network” makes the Business & Leadership Conference something many in the industry block out annually on their calendars.

“Networking among executives and competitors improves understanding and cooperation,” said one attendee.

BLC provides its attendees “an occasion to ‘break out’ of day-to-day thinking and consider big ideas on how to improve your business,” said another.

The mix of integrators and manufacturers of all sizes is another BLC selling point.

“I enjoy talking to the big guys and the small guys,” said one attendee. “Much can be learned.”

“The great speakers, great attendees and the flow of great ideas/stories/suggestions on how to improve the business” is why one respondent attends BLC every year. “Priceless ideas have been heard and implemented by me and my company,” the person says.

First-time NSCA Business & Leadership Conference attendees have heard plenty of good things about the event from their colleagues and peers so there’s a level of excitement about the event from them too.

“Our owner has gone many times, and this year will be my first,” said one respondent.

“In talking with our owner, the main attraction is the networking and business skills discussed, rather than the technical side that the trade shows tend to focus on. Being in a room with like-minded, driven individuals who understand our industry and craft is a treasure.”

Learn more about BLC 2018 here.

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